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    Serving Snoqualmie & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Snoqualmie

    You can’t take about Snoqualmie, Washington without talking Snoqualmie Falls, an actual waterfall 268 feet high, that’s so ingrained in the town and its history they are inseparable.

    In the 1850’s settler began arriving in the area, and Snoqualmie Falls was an instant attraction even then. Women would venture as close to the falls as they could, sometimes even having their friends hold on to their dresses as they reached out to see if they could touch the falls without tumbling head first into it. Jeremiah Borst was the first permanent settler in the area, and was known as “the Father of the Snoqualmie Valley.” Your Snoqualmie tutor could also tell you more about the Native American peoples that inhabited the valley long before settlers had discovered it.

    It is Josiah Merit, however, that is better known for his rugged and rough lifestyle, a pioneer who settled at a local peak n 1862 that later become known as Mount Si, actually named after him, as one of his nicknames was Uncle Si. Josiah had vegetables, hogs and an orchard. To help make ends meet he would sometimes haul bacon off to the local settlements, which was no small feat. He would haul his load on a sled to the river, then canoe downstream before arriving to the falls. Once at the falls he would strap his load to his back and climb down the 268-foot embankment, to the bottom of the falls. There he would load his canoe back up and travel the rest of the way downstream.

    Snoqualmie Falls has been used for a variety of operations, including use by a few logging companies. In 1889 an underground power plant was installed at the falls, and those generators still function today. The power and jobs this plant generated was enough to get a city going, and in 1911 a second power plant was constructed.

    Falls such as these are often attractive for adrenaline junkies as well, and in 1889 over 1000 people showed up to watch a man by the name of Mr. Baldwin tightrope over the falls. Luckily he made it, however not everyone has been so lucky.

    Today Snoqualmie Falls still generate power and attract people from all around. While it might not be the best pace to meet with your Snoqualmie tutor due to the loud noise of the crashing water, it is definitely a sight worth seeing and a wonderful example of how nature can create its very own beauty to rival even the most outstanding pieces created by man.

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