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    Serving Sammamish & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Sammamish

    Many towns in Washington are known for their parks and trails, as the state has managed to hold on to a lot of its natural beauty and attraction. Sammamish, Washington is no exception, and boasts a wide variety of trails and parks, all great places to meet with your Sammamish tutor on a sunny day.

    Each park has its own history and unique attraction. One in particular has a very rich history; Beaver Lake Park. Beaver lake got its start as a resort community, with the first permanent residents moving there in the 1920’s, where they rented boats to local loggers and operated a dance hall and small store. The other side of the lake was bought by Beaver Lake Amusement Park; however it appears no amusement park ever actually came of it.

    By the 1930’s, summerhouses went up all around the lake and the first resort, the Four Seasons, was established. The resort saw many summer guests, and also established cabins, where many families would come to vacation with their loved ones. Rowboats and primitive paddle boats were available to guests, as well as fishing and even tennis. Beaver Lake was well on its way to becoming a booming summer resort for both visitors and people who actually owned houses along the shores. This seemed even more certain when in the late 30’s and early 40’s both logging operations finished, and the area was opened up for more houses and settlements. The Red Cross Aquatic and Live Saving School even held lessons at the resort, which I’m sure also featured Sammamish tutors, and the area quickly became the place to be, with a large reputation drawing people in from all around.

    In the 50’s the resort was sold to a new owner, who kept it operational and was known for throwing large, exciting parties on any given evening. That life was shorter lived, as the resort was sold again to be used as a Catholic Youth Organization spot. Soon after King County bought the land, and Beaver Lake was transformed into a park with the resort doors closing for good. While houses and communities still surround the lake, the gallant resort days of old have fallen into history.

    Today the area is still a popular park and recreation area for families to come and enjoy the day, so in a lot of ways Beaver Lake Park was able to hold on to its heritage and continue traditions for those families that remembered it in its resort days.

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