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    Serving Port Orchard & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Port Orchard

    At the turn of the nineteenth century, Port Orchard, Washington, was known for its small-business opportunities and its lumber and pottery industries. In 1901, all independent Port Orchard businesses were listed in the Port Orchard Independent, which also commended the town’s residents for being a “people with pluck and determination.” That reputation made itself clearly known during the competition for the naming of the town.

    The town was initially platted in 1886 by Frederick Stevens, who named it Sidney. In 1892, residents requested a name change to Port Orchard, petitioning both the state legislature and the post office. The legislature refused, citing the city of Charleston’s request for the same name (Charleston is now West Bremerton). However, there was a lack of communication, and the post office approved the name change. Consequently, Sidney became the home of the Port Orchard post office, and the Charleston post office ended up in Port Orchard. Finally, in 1903, Will Thompson, editor of the Sidney Independent, asked the legislature to put an end to the confusion. Sidney emerged as the winner and was finally renamed Port Orchard.

    At the same time, petitions were circulating to move the Kitsap County seat to Sidney from economically struggling Port Madison. To sway the vote, Sidney citizens donated land and built a two-story courthouse with a courtroom and a fireproof vault. The town even deeded the property to the county. During voting, Sidney and Port Madison accused each other of cheating by soliciting votes from non-residents. It may have been true—Sidney won the vote with 877 votes, even though at the time it had roughly 650 residents.

    Yet another example of the town’s persistence occurred when the U.S. government began considering potential Pacific Northwest sites for a naval shipyard. In 1877, U.S. Navy Lieutenant Ambrose Barkley Wyckoff conducted a hydrographic survey of the Puget Sound and Commencement Bay. He concluded that the shipyard should be in the Puget Sound. In 1888, Congress sent three naval officers to pick a location in the Puget Sound.

    This is when the townspeople showed their pluckiness. They knew that the shipyard would be a huge boost to the local economy, bringing more settlers, providing jobs, and stimulating commerce. A group of residents (the town was still called Sidney then) recommend an adjacent location, and the commissioned naval officers agreed. However, a second commission had to be sent to give their opinion, which was favorable. Finally, Congress budgeted $10,000 for a shipyard one mile north of the town. Sidney/Port Orchard prevailed again.

    Its plucky reputation aside, Port Orchard has plenty to offer its residents and visitors, starting with a scenic waterfront location. In particular, the Port Orchard Marine Park and the Huntington’s Children’s Park offers concerts, farmers’ markets, car shows, culinary events, and more. Families who arrange tutoring in Port Orchard for have more their students have more time to enjoy the city’s great aquatic amenities. And students enjoy better grades—thanks to their Port Orchard tutors.

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