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    Serving Mukilteo & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Mukilteo

    Flight is one of the greatest achievements of mankind, and in Mukilteo, Washington, you can embark on a tour that takes you down the path of flight.

    In Mukilteo there is a Boeing factory, and for a while talk of expanding it into an exhibit and performing tours buzzed around. That idea became a reality in 2003, when plans were laid and construction began. In 2005 the center opened its doors, and the popularity was astounding. Annual attendance is close to 100,000 per year, and if you are planning on booking a tour in the months of May through September you’d best call ahead, as they are often booked solid through that time period. There is such a high demand for tours that they open their doors at 8:30am and it is not uncommon to for the last visitors to be leaving as late as 7pm. So, get your reservations in early, perhaps while in between studying with your Mukilteo tutor.

    The facility is a destination for many even outside of the United States. To help track where visitors are coming from, they put up two maps on either side of the information desk. One map is of the United States, the other is of the rest of the world. When you check in they ask you place a pin the part of the world you are from. This puts an interesting spin on things, then visitors coming in can see where other patrons have come from, and how far some have traveled. Canadians are the most common international visitors, followed closely behind visitors from Asia. The facility has even seen such admired visitors as Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. At the end of each year the pins are taken down, making room for the new year’s visitors.

    Being both educational and entertaining, the center would be a great place to visit after a session with our Mukilteo tutor, to wind down and see some amazing pieces of machinery. The factory is unlike anything else you might see, and is a great experience for all. The exhibit is always finding ways to grow and add to its attractions, to provide new and fun ways for the coming visitors to see. This expansion idealism makes it so visitors both new and old have a way to experience things they previously have not, and makes it an exciting and intriguing tour for all.

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