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    Serving Puyallup & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Puyallup

    In west central Washington, you will find the city of Puyallup, an interesting city with an interesting name. Named after a local Native American tribe, Puyallup is literally defined as a tribe of generous humans. Sounds like a great place to live, if you ask me! The tight knit community of Puyallup has a lot to offer to both residents and tourists.

    When white settlers arrived to the area in the late 1800s, Puyallup was established as a small rural town with a lot of character. Things really started cooking when the railroad provided service to the area in the early 1900s. More and more settlers arrived to the area, setting up new industries and creating neighborhoods of growing families and adventure seekers. Farming was big here in Puyallup, as the fertile land received excellent irrigation from the nearby Puget Sound waterway.

    Puyallup is a beautiful place, especially during the spring months. With very fertile soil, Puyallup is known for its expansive fields full of daffodills. Not only do the locals enjoy this bright and cheery display of florals, but the daffodills grown here are also produced for world-wide sales. Beyond the gorgeous flowers, if you're standing in Puyallup and you take a look to the southeast, you'll see the iconic Mt. Rainier standing as a stunning backdrop.

    If you're visiting the town of Puyallup, you have to make a point of stopping at the Ezra Meeker Mansion, home of the town's founding father, which has now been turned into a historical site and museum. Ezra Meeker was known not only for his role in settling Puyallup, but also for his travels up and down the Oregon Trail. He did so multiple times, and installed markers along the way, commemorating special places along the route. As he took interest in preserving history, it is only fitting that his house has been turned into a beautiful museum filled with relics of local history.

    In the quaint downtown area of Puyallup, you'll find an old fashioned downtown district, filled with fun shops and boutiques. Puyallup is well known for being home to a large number of antique stores. Antique store shopping is a popular activity among locals, and also brings in a fair amount of tourism.

    When it comes to education options in Puyallup, families that live here are very happy with the resources available to their young students. Nearly three dozen schools are available within the Puyallup School District, providing many options to local residents when it comes to education. For students that need extra help, local Puyallup tutors are available. These tutors can meet one-on-one with each student, providing help in a wide variety of subjects.

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