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    Serving Mercer Island & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Mercer Island

    The city of Mercer Island, Washginton is just that, an island. I wouldn’t think Hawaii or Costa Rica island though. Mercer Island is slower paced, an island made up mostly of retirees. Despite that, it doesn’t mean there aren’t some things here to enjoy.

    On this Washington Island is Clarke + Clarke Art and Artifacts, a store so rich in history and antiques you may just need a Mercer Island history tutor to give you a tour of the building. The curators of this building have traveled the world for 35 years, collecting the most beautiful and unique treasures you could imagine, most of them one of a kind of antiques that you’ll never get anywhere else. This is not a department store with five hundred of the same necklace, odds are the one item you see is the only item like that, which adds even more to the charm and unique variety.

    They specialize in Japanese and Chinese antiques, but have items from many other countries, so when you take a break from meeting with your Mercer Island tutor for world cultures, this would be the perfect stop. You can find artifacts from the South East Asia, India and the Himalayas, Ottoman and Persian, the Americas, Indonesia-Phillipines, and Africa-New Guinea. Some items you might find are shields and weapons, paintings and prints, and ethnic and artisan jewelry along with much, much more.

    An art and artifact store is nothing to yawn at, perusing these isles and tables is like taking a peak back in time. You can picture soldiers using these shields in battle, or great women of high social status adorning themselves with the jewelry you see in front of you. Looking at the paintings, you can imagine a color splattered artist studying his canvas, figuring out what’s missing, or what color would best compliment the other. This store serves as a place to get lost in time, the only thing we have left of our ancestors before us.

    This stop is a must for any history buff, and even if you aren’t anyone can walk through and appreciate the beauty and attention to detail that these artifacts offer. It’s truly a one of a kind unique experience, and something that just about every local on the island would recommend, for those of any age. Mercer Island may be a slow-paced town, but this gem is nothing to scoff at.

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