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    Serving Monroe & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Monroe

    Many of us fear those slithery, scaly creatures called reptiles. If you happen to be one of those, however, who finds them fascinating, then perhaps you should stop at the Reptile House in Monroe, Washington.

    The Reptile House was founded by Scott Petersen, a man who previously worked as a high school biology teacher, and no doubt a Monroe tutor as well. He always had a deep love for reptiles, and decided that he wanted to bring that love and knowledge to as many people as he could. Opening the Reptile House was not enough, he also traveled to other states and performed in over 800 schools, known affectionately as “The Reptile Man”. He has also been a guest on Disney’s Bill Nye the Science guy, and featured on PBS’s Biz Kids.

    His love of reptiles spread to his children and today they help to run the zoo. Their goal is to spread a message of conversation and sustainability, so generations after us can enjoy the same things we do. I’m sure they would applaud a Monroe tutor focuses on environmental sciences.

    Along with their focus on the environment, they also help to teach about proper reptile care and housing. All proceeds they get go towards improving their facilities, and giving their reptiles the best care possible. At the Reptile House, you get a one of a kind experience in that you actually get to handle the reptiles! You are up close and personal with everything from tortoises to snakes, even holding them in your hands! There’s no shortage of things to see, with the most popular attractions beings a two-headed tortoise, an albino alligator, and even the deadliest snake in the world; the black mamba.

    While handling reptiles may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the message these curators are trying to get across is one we can all understand. They want a focus drawn towards preserving the world around us, for both human and animal alike. Many do not know about proper care for reptiles, and the Reptile House wishes to share this information with as many people as they can. While we all may not enjoy the thought of holding snakes and interacting with alligators, all have their place in the ecosystem and are important to maintaining the balance around us. The Reptile House recognizes this and works reach as many as they can.

    So, if you find yourself bored and looking for something to do in Monroe, take a stop at the Reptile House!

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