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    Serving Medina & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Medina

    Medina, Washington is a small, quiet town with a close-knit community. The town sits on the shores of Lake Washington, bordered on the North, West, and South by water! How the town got its name, however, is a pretty comical story.

    The town started as one simple landing, made by Mr. Dabney, that would later become known as Dabney Point. This became a main landing for locals across the lake, and as the popularity of the landing grew, as well as the number of residents around it, they decided they wanted a name for their little home. Simply being a landing was no longer enough. A community meeting was held to figure out, how they would come up with the perfect name. The meeting consisted of almost all the community members, and I’m sure some Medina tutors were there as well, ready to put the two cents in.

    It was eventually decided that three women would vote on the name of the city, after each thinking of an idea. Mrs. Flora Belote came up with the name “Medeena” after a popular Arabian city, and after a vote her name was selected.

    You will recall from earlier a man by the name of Mr. Dabney, the one who founded the original landing that started the city. It turns out that he had his own ideas for a city name, and rather enjoyed the name “Floridine”. He wasn’t keen on Mrs. Belote’s name, and so in an effort to get his idea to stick, he put up a large sign right at the landing with “Floridine” in big bold words.

    The women, however, would not be deterred, and in the night, they removed Mr. Dabney’s sign and replaced it with one of their own, this time with the words “Medeena”. Imagine Mr. Dabney’s surprise when he discovered his sign had been removed and replaced! He was also a rather stubborn man, and promptly took their sign down and put his sign back up. You would think that would be the end of it. Not so. The women removed his sign every day when he was at work and replaced it with theirs, adamant in their decision that the town would be named “Medeena”. Every day after work Mr. Dabney would have to take down their sign and replace it with his. This continued for days, when finally, Mr. Dabney gave in and left up the sign “Medeena”, no doubt tired of the manual labor! Perhaps if both parties had searched out a Medina tutor for communication they would have saved themselves a lot of time and effort!

    Today the name has stuck, though the spelling has been slightly altered. We will never forget, though, the women who fought so hard for the name they felt was perfect.

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