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    Serving Monticello & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Monticello

    When the winter snow falls in Monticello, Minnesota freezing all in its path, hearts in the community are warmed. Each winter hundreds, sometimes thousands, of swans gather along the Mississippi River in Monticello. They gather here for the warm water that is provided by the communities nuclear power plant. Along with the warmer water, these trumpeter swans come for Sheila Lawrence.

    For about 30 years Sheila fed the swans from her backyard which met along the Mississippi river. Feeding the trumpeter swans was what Sheila looked forward to most during the winter months. When Sheila and her husband Jim moved into their home in 1987 she has kept track of almost all of the swans that come to Monticello for the winter. During their first winter there 15 swans came to the river. By 1997 they had the highest count yet of 204 swans. Of those swans two or three of them were from the original 15 that came to the lake.

    Swans of all ages gather at the lake each winter. Hundreds of cygnets (young swans) come with their parents. Even the old and widowed swans spend their winters at the river. The majority of the trumpetors are tag because they were released from a zoo or rehabilitation centers. Sheila kept track of hundreds of tagged swans throughout their lifetime. She new who was coupled with who. Which ones tragically lost their partner and how many partners they have had. Sheila even knew the pecking order for the trumpetors. When tagged died their cause of death was recorded. Their partner would then have to find a new mate and start from the bottom of the pecking order once again.

    Tragically, Sheila was diagnosed with cancer. Her battle with cancer ended when she passed away April, 2011. Before her passing a promise was made between her and her husband Jim. Sheila asked her husband Jim, “Will you feed my swans?”. For the past five years Jim has kept his promise to feed the swans. Every winter morning Jim heads out to feed up to hundreds or thousands of swans. Before Sheila’s passing all the swans feed was paid for out of her pocket. Sometimes neighbors and those passing by would contribute to the swans. Since Sheila, The Swan Lady’s, passing the community has gathered together to provide funds for the feed. A foundation has been started by the community where donations are collected for the trumpeter swans.

    Today, the swans are a magical winter attraction for Monticello. Your Monticello tutor can help you get on top of your work so you can enjoy the swans while they are still at the river. As long as trumpeter swans come to the river Sheila’s spirit will remain and be remembered by the Monticello community.

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