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    Serving Fridley & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Fridley

    Friendly faces, friendly business, and friendly community is what Fridley strives to be known for. Friendly Fridley is what the city has been nicknamed by the surrounding communities. And Fridley loves it. But Fridley has a past that includes some not so friendly events. May 6th, 1965 is known as one of the worst weather days in Minnesota history. Over 50 years ago six different tornadoes hit the Twin Cities area and nearly destroyed Fridley all together. The series of twisters would become known as the Twin Cities Tornadoes.

    Tornadoes five and six hit Fridley with all their might. Both tornadoes were rated an F4 on the Fujita scale. The highest on the scale is an F5. Tornado five made contact with the ground in the southwestern corner of Fridley around 7:06 pm. Number five traveled a total of seven miles ending in Laddie Lake, Blaine MN. Tragically three people were killed and 175 were injured during the duration of #5. Just an hour later, tornado six arrived. Again, reaching an F4 intensity, this second hit was on the ground for 18 miles. Tornado six killed people and injured a total of 158. After the chaos ended one in four homes had been destroyed. Fridley was in crumbles. Under great leadership the community was able to rebuild stronger and more prosperous. The 50th anniversary of the tornadoes was celebrated on May 6th, 2015.

    Several survivors of the Twin Cities Tornadoes still have a vivid image of the day in their minds. Many have recorded their experience of the tornado and provided photos from their time undercover and the aftermath. Newscasters on the radio were largely credited for warning the cities of the tornadoes that were coming. Local television and public officials also played a role in communicating the severity of the coming weather. But when the day May 6th, 1965 there were crisp blue skies. Puffy white clouds decorated the blue canvas and children were playing outside. Many people recall their parents hollering at them to get down into the basement. The skies took a wild turn. Blue turned into a wicked green. Hail pounded down with ferocious rain.

    One recalls the day very vividly. Although he was a preschooler, each detail of the day is still impressed in his mind. While looking out the basement window he could see wind going round and round tossing around everything in its path. Even for a preschooler it was clear something awful was happening outside. Another survivor shares a photo of her and her mother at their home after the tornado. All that stood was her bedroom closet. An excellent example of why we are told to find shelter in an indoor room when a basement isn’t available.

    Twin Cities tornadoes of ‘65 taught the community of Fridley to embrace life and be kind for an ordinary sunny day can easily turn into one of the worse days in history. A tutor in Fridley can help you finish your studies so you can enjoy the sunny days to the fullest.

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