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Serving Palmdale & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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Near Palmdale California is Edwards Air Force Base, a very active and important base in California. The jets are a sight to see, and you haven’t jumped out of your skin until you experience a sonic boom created by a jet flying faster than the speed of sound! Unfortunately, the base isn’t just showing off all its aircrafts to the general public, but you can visit Blackbird Airpark, an annex of the Air Force Flight Test Museum. If you’re a plane enthusiast then this is a must visit, as they have one of a kind jets on display you can’t see anywhere else. Even if you’re not, you can’t help but appreciate the design and history behind these aircrafts. There is one of a kind information there not even your Palmdale tutor can give you.

While there you can see the once extremely secretive D-12 drone, along with the U-2 “D” Model, the only one left in existence. This part of the museum is designed to commemorate the Blackbird family of aircraft, used primarily during the cold war. The museum doesn’t only display the aircrafts, but also restores them in order to preserve them for future generations.

Along with the aircrafts, you can also see The Blackbird Heritage Courtyard brick exhibit, where a multitude of bricks pays tribute to those involved in the design and use of the aircrafts. You can see names of designers, crew members, along with other people involved in the development of this powerful fleet and its use to execute missions during the cold war.

Once you’re done visiting the Blackbird exhibit, there are a variety of exhibits you can go see afterwards. You can take a look at the First Flight’s Wall, a documentation of the development of aircrafts through the times. You can also check out the Norden Bombsite, a used heavily in World War II. You can view the history of the site, as well as how soldiers were trained to use it and the history of its used in combat. All this plus a variety of other aircrafts give you a peak into the Air Force, and the kind of technology they are able to produce in their planes. Our history is what shapes us, and if you’ve been meeting with your Palmdale tutor and discussing some of these momentous wars, then you might take a trip to the museum, and get a feel for what it might have been like to be a pilot in those times.

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