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Serving Montebello & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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About Montebello

Golf is one of the oldest sports mankind had been participating in. Levels range from those competing at professional levels to kids that just do it for fun. It’s a game that many people enjoy, even if you only play it occasionally. In the city of Montebello located in California, a large and well kept up golf course allows everyone to enjoy this sport at their own pace. You can even find Montebello tutors for golf. But where did this sport originate? What started it all?

Golf actually originated in the time of Julius Caesar. While it wasn’t the sport we recognize today, players used club shaped branches to move around balls filled with feathers. It can even be traced back to the Song Dynasty in China which occurred during 960 to 1279, as well as in Scotland in 1457. The game was actually outlawed in Scotland by King James II as he viewed it as a distraction from military training. In those times, every man fought in the military from a very young age, and this was more important than any other activity. Frivolous events were frowned upon, and thought of as a waste of time.

After some time, golf became quite popular in Great Britain around the seventeenth century. The sport took off and in 1860 the British Open was created, which is a renowned tournament to this day. This sparked a worldwide interest in the sport, and the first club in North America was opened in 1873 in Montreal, Canada, known as “Canada’s Royal Montreal Club”.
The United States refused to be far behind though and the first course will eighteen holes was established in Wheaton Illinois, the Chicago Golf Club.

With so much popularity in the sport it was designed a governing body was necessary, and the United States Golf Association was established in 1894. This body reigned for a while, but was replaced by the Professional Golf Association of America in 1916. Many events and tournaments put on are open to professionals as well as amateurs, but there are some events closed to the public.

Today golf is a past time enjoyed by many, and a great way for people to get out and enjoy the sun, with a little friendly competition added in. Golf could be a great way for you to get out and have some fun after your next lesson with Montebello tutor!

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