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    Serving Dundalk & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Dundalk

    What makes Dundalk City Special? Well, for one thing: its name walked across the ocean, as Dundalk was named after the town of Dundalk, Ireland. It does sit close to sea level, averaging just 16 feet above it. And many a patriotic soul strolls along its Atlantic Coastal Plain. Dundalk is known for a citizenry of patriotism, quite a few of them. In the last census, Dundalk was dubbed the largest unincorporated city in Maryland. It lies just east of Baltimore, Maryland.

    What it is best known for in areas about the state and beyond is a thriving, driving celebration of the American Heritage. The DUNDALK HERITAGE FAIR is a three day celebration commemorating our country’s birth. The Fair’s mission is to support and build upon the strength of America. Dundalk residents give to the fair and cheer it yearly. For about forty successive years they have joined together to wish America a great big Happy Birthday!

    Many have dubbed the Dundalk Heritage Fair and Fourth of July Celebration as the greatest in our country. The Heritage Fair’s 3-day commemoration of the Birth of our Nation -- rolls right into Dundalk’s 4th of July festivities. Its fervent, wild, and happy. Everybody smiles as the flag waves and myriad activities and performances reach upward with it to the sky of the American dream.

    Dundalk youths share in that dream. And Grade Potential Tutoring is on hand to help them navigate the waters of education. They foster the pattern of studying, knowing regular study is as important as learning skills. The pattern of giving is already a part of Dundalk youth’s experiences. Individuals, clubs, churches, schools and organizations work together in this community that has been called the most patriotic community in the land.

    Dundalk’s historic heritage fair is situated, wouldn’t you know: in Heritage Park. It’s in the center of Old Town Dundalk, in the vicinity of Dundalk Elementary school. Many a school history lesson and special project commemorating the history of our country accompanies the yearly birth of the Heritage Fair. And Dundalk tutors help out with American history, a spotlight of the school’s subjects.

    Education is at the root of American democracy. City youths learn about our traditions, enjoy the freedom of education, entirely free in early years, and nearly so in their community college campus. Giving back to America is part of Dundalk community tradition. Industry and fun combine in the community sponsored Heritage Fair. Music, Singing, Playing, Eating and Viewing of interesting performances, hand-made arts and crafts, and entertainment -- burgeons out of the park day and night, for three days and nights. There’s even farm animals, cows, and races, pig races too! Contemporary hard rock shares the platform with national heroes and biblical images carved out of sand.

    This monumental fair couples with the largest parade in Maryland and a spectacular 4th of July celebration. The bands and singing choruses on the fair’s stage are sometimes joined by fair community volunteers and local officials the likes of a county councilman Todd Crandell, who said, “The best celebration in the country happens right here in Dundalk.”

    For sure, Dundalk, Maryland is a city of community. Its residents host rides, activities, patriotic songs and -- celebration of the grandeur and dedication of country. Its people parade, walk, and talk the spirit of America and Dundalk, USA!

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