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    Serving Cockeysville & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Cockeysville

    Cockeysville is home to the “Grand Lodge of Maryland,” which is a meeting point and community hub for Freemason’s in the Maryland area.

    According to Cockeysville tutors there are many conspiracy theories that revolve around the relative secrecy regarding the Freemasons and their rituals. Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity and there are members located all over the world. There are also lodges located all over the world. The lodge is a regional hub for Freemasons and the Grand Lodge, like that in Cockeysville, would be the next step up on the hierarchy from the local Lodge.

    The parameters on becoming a freemason seem reasonable should you want to join. First is that you must be male, and have an income to support yourself and your family, you must also have a good reputation as a loyal and honest man, have sound morals, and you must also believe in a Supreme Being. The declaration of a belief in a Supreme Being is not specific to one religion. According to Cockeysville tutors it is simply important that you hold yourself accountable to a higher power. During the interview process prospective Masons are simply asked, “Do you believe in a Supreme Being?” If the answer is “Yes,” then there are no follow up questions. The Freemasons do not grant entry to those who report to be atheists or agnostic.

    There are certain rules members of the fraternity must abide by while meeting with other Masons. Within social interactions it is natural that a whole variety of different topics may be discussed, but it is underlined that discussing personal beliefs with regards to supporting political parties or religious beliefs are both frowned upon.
    Freemasons make it clear, or at least attempt to package their fraternity as a meeting point for like-minded males to socialize and discuss ideas and support each other. However, there is to this day a definite mindset that Freemasonry is a religion of sorts. They are quick to point out that there is no hierarchy of religion like one might find in a traditional church. There are no priests or rabbis or any ritual feasts or prayers taken. None the less the Catholic Church have a suspicion that there is more to it than the Freemasons advertise and hold the position that they are opposed to the fraternity.

    Cockeysville tutors believe that the Freemason ‘club’ started as a way to bring people of different religions together to be able to be civil and communicable without their religious beliefs standing in their way. The formal beginning of the Freemasons was in 1717 when many religious civil wars were taking place in England. So it makes sense chronologically that there was a need for a safe haven for men to come together and simply believe on a fundamental level that there was a god, and that god compels them to be good and do good, but not to discuss the matter any further.

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