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    Serving Watauga & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Watauga

    The perfect picture of small town Texas life, Watuaga is built on country values and is rich in Texan history. As a suburb of Fort Worth, Watuaga residents enjoy easy access to big city amenities without sacrificing their small town feel.

    The railroad was instrumental in the settlement and growth that Watuaga experienced in its early days. A locally famous telegraph operator, Marie Cade, was known for her accurate running of the telegraph at the railroad depot in Watuaga. Train dispatchers knew her for her prompt messages and informational warnings on the status of the railroad and local depot in Watuaga. She started her job as telegraph operator before her sixteenth birthday! Marie Cade is an inspirational women in Texas history.

    An infamous event in Watuaga history is a train wreck that occurred in 1917. Mary Cade was working that evening as the telegraph operator, and though she warned train dispatchers of a standing train on the tracks, her warnings were not heeded, and an oncoming train collided, causing destruction, and sadly, loss of life. During this horrible event, the community of Watuaga came together to try to help, bringing water to help extinguish the fire and helping those who were injured to safety. Though this ultimately helped to bring many of the community members closer together in such a bonding experience, it eventually lead to the closing of the railroad depot years later. This caused growth in Watuaga to come to halt.

    Another important facet of Watuaga history is the Presbyterian Church. The building has been in that location for nearly one hundred and fifty years, and serves to remind the community of days past. When visiting Watuaga, you can take a tour of the old Watauga Presbyterian Church and feel what it was like to worship back in frontier days. Until the mid 1900s, this building was used by multiple congregations, since it was the only house of worship available to house religious services in town. Many old facets of the church have been preserved for visitors and tourists to observe, including the antique pump organ.

    The city of Watuaga provides many parks and recreational facilities for its residents. Other services include fitness programs, classes, and activities for all ages. Concerts and festivals are hosted throughout the year, bringing the community together for family friendly events. Kids love summer camps that are hosts each year, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and facilitating fun activities for them to enjoy.

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