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    Serving Frisco & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Frisco

    Adjacent to Lewisville Lake, Frisco is a city in northeastern Texas that has experienced fast growth in the past several decades. As of a few years ago, Frisco was calculated to be increasing 6.5% each year, which makes it the second fasting growing city in the entire United States. The Frisco community serves to house many people who commute to either Dallas or Fort Worth for work each day, due to its close proximity to those cities and its high quality of living.

    When thinking of the name “Frisco”, you may think of San Francisco, California, and you would be right to make that connection. Named “Frisco” in the early 1900s, this city was named for the St. Louis to San Francisco Railway that passed through the town upon its foundation. This kind of rich, “old west” history is present throughout the city of Frisco, demonstrating the cultural heritage of settlers of years past.

    With plenty of business in the area, Frisco is home to a growing economy. That being said, most of Frisco is residential, as the large majority of its residents make the commute to the bigger nearby cities for work. Families that live in Frisco find that within their own city they have access to all the necessary amenities, however, and if need be, can find them elsewhere within a short distance.

    A new development in Frisco is the Frisco Square, and residents love this new area. With residential units, office spaces, restaurants, and public commons areas, this part of the downtown area of Frisco has become vastly popular. A theatre has also recently opened there, as well as a hospital and a library. This kind of development is one reason why families love living in Frisco.

    When it comes to parks, Frisco has a lot to offer its residents and tourists alike. With over two thousand acres of parks and recreation land, the city of Frisco is home to over forty parks and open spaces. Sports facilities for baseball, tennis, and soccer are open for youth recreation, and pavilions are available to rent out for your next family gathering. An impressive network of trails for both hiking and biking are continually being developed, making Frisco an increasingly pedestrian and bicycle friendly place to live. With maps of the trails available online, it is easy to download and find your way from point to point in the city. Many of the local parks are interconnected with trails, helping to better the health and opportunity for outdoor activity of Frisco’s residents.

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