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    Serving Burleson & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Burleson

    As many cities in the southwest were started, Burleson, Texas was originally established as a midway depot for the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. Today, it is known for being a family-friendly city with a lot to offer its residents. As one of the fastest growing cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Burleson is full of happy residents and beautiful pieces of nature.

    The renowned home of American Idol Star Kelly Clarkson, Burleson is not only where Kelly graduated high school, but also where she was living when her friends told her to audition for the show. A true Texan at heart, Kelly Clarkson is a source of pride for locals in Burleson.

    Burleson as a city has a lot to offer for families. With housing options for all walks of life and situations, Burleson opens its arms to anyone looking to better themselves and join the community. The fast growing nature of the city provides plenty of employment opportunities, as the city is friendly to businesses and economic growth.

    With hundreds of acres of parks, recreational facilities, and community centers, the Parks and Recreation Department in Burleson keeps busy. Maintaining and preserving native Texas wildlife is of utmost importance. With over a dozen well cared for parks and several undeveloped areas, Burleson continues to improve these community areas for its citizens.

    Bailey Lake is a local favorite when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors. Fishing is a popular sport in Burleson, but there are specific rules for those who enjoy this activity. You must have a fishing license if you’re over seventeen, and you aren’t allowed more than five fish per day. And by fish, they mean trout. Any fish other than trout must be tossed back into the water. For more information on the specific rules, make sure to do your research ahead of time to avoid penalties and fines!

    If fishing isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There is so much more to do in Burleson. The Burleson Recreation Center is available to residents and has many amenities that are sure to please. A generous fitness center, indoor pool, walking track, and special event facilities are all available to citizens of Burleson. There is also a kids zone for younger recreation center members, and a rock wall for those who enjoy climbing.

    If you’re looking for a great place to raise a family, or even just a city with a high quality of life and opportunities for growth, Burleson is a wonderful Texas city to consider. Named one of the top one hundred best communities for young people, Burleson is proud to show its dedication to bettering the lives of its youth and children.

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