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    Serving Plano & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Plano

    The location of many successful corporations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, the city of Plano, Texas, is thriving. Business is booming here in Plano, but that’s not the only reason to love this city. An active local government and a prolific Parks and Recreation Department make this city a wonderful place to live and work.

    In the northeast part of Texas, interestingly enough, Plano’s name comes from the word for “flat” in Spanish. The local terrain is of course very flat, so this name was fitting.

    As typical of Texas, Plano features a humid subtropical climate. This means that in the summer, the weather is usually hot and humid, while in the winter, the weather is usually more mild and cool.

    Because of its thriving business-centric structure, Plano sees most of its visitors coming into the city for business reasons. With so many large corporations located in the city, that seems to be the main reason many people travel here. Among the large corporations in Plano, FedEx Office, Frito-Lay, JCPenney, TEK, and Pizza Hut are all headquartered here.

    Despite its name meaning “flat”, there is nothing plain about Plano when it comes to their parks and recreation facilities and sites. Many of the city’s parks feature beautiful, large trees. One historically large and old tree is cited to be perhaps 5 centuries old! You can find this ancient tree in the Bob Woodruff Park on the east side of Plano.

    Plano also boasts two very large nature preserves, and together they make up more space than Central Park in New York City. Families love taking their kids here, as there is plenty of open space to explore and enjoy. Connected by bike paths, bicycling enthusiasts will enjoy the beauty of Plano’s large natural preserves as a step away from big city life. City officials are currently working toward expanding existing preserve areas, which would add significantly to Plano’s existing parks area.

    Beyond the parks and natural open spaces, Plano also supports the arts community with three performing arts venues. With yet another arts center under construction, Plano has a lot of potential when it comes to supporting the arts. Families that prioritize raising their kids with access to these sorts of resources will be pleased to know that Plano is developing these programs.

    The Uptown and Downtown areas of Plano are also notably family friendly, as it is on the list of things to do while visiting Plano according to their website. An activity center called PINSTACK is also a fun place to take the kids – with a bowling alley, climbing walls, interactive games, and bumper cars, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

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