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Serving Royal Oak & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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About Royal Oak

Royal Oak tutors explain the charming story, which resulted in this city in Michigan being christened Royal Oak. According to the history books, the very well respected Lewis Cass named it during his longtime role as Territorial Governor of the Michigan Territory.

During Cass’ career he fulfilled many different roles. Cass’ father was Major Jonathan Cass, and Cass Jr. was born as the American Revolutionary War was coming to an end. Cass successfully studied Law, was married, and seemed like his role in life was to run his own practice in Zanesville, Ohio. However very quickly he developed an interest in politics and was elected to the House of Representatives, following this within eighteen short months he was selected to be U.S. Marshal for Ohio by the U.S. President. His advancement was spectacular and he won the favor of his colleagues and the respect of the community.

Cass was actively involved in the War of 1812, escalating his military role to the heights of Colonel of the 27th United States Infantry Regiment. Again he prospered in his role and was rewarded by new President James Madison by being given the title Governor of the Michigan Territory. It was within this role that Cass led many exploratory expeditions and stumbled upon the then unnamed Royal Oak. It is said that when they came upon the area in which Rochester, Crooks and Main intersected there was an extraordinarily large and possibly hollow Royal Oak tree. According to Royal Oak tutors, Cass remarked that the Oak reminded Cass of a similar tree that legend had it King Charles II used as a hiding place during a battle, which took place in the United Kingdom called the “Battle of Worcester.”

The “Battle of Worcester” took place hundreds of year’s prior to the naming of “Royal Oak “ in 1651. It was the final battle of the English Civil War, and ultimately Oliver Cromwell’s army defeated King Charles II, despite his resourcefulness. The tree that Cass referenced was in Boscobel Wood and King Charles II at the time was, according to Royal Oak tutors, just twenty-one years of age. As legend has it, King Charles II had managed to successfully slip away with a couple of close companions who wanted to ensure his safe passage from danger. In order to protect him they stripped him of his royal clothing and gave him humble woodsman’s clothes, dirtied his face with mud and sent him off on foot towards London. Within a day he changed direction deciding instead to head towards Swansea to try and sail for France. They found out while staying at a friendly house in Worcester that the enemy was in the area and actively on the look out for him, and the river crossings were being closely watched. So, in order to wait out the watchmen leaving their posts they took bread cheese and beer and went to hide in a giant Oak tree just 150 yards from the house.

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