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Serving Roseville & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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About Roseville

Recent controversy arose in Roseville due to a police officer ticketing a local resident and the resident reacting by posting the ticket on a public forum.

Roseville tutors say that from the Police Officers perspective he was acting within the boundaries of the law. However it was the Police Chief’s reaction after the event, which made this story get notoriety beyond the local news headlines.

According to Roseville Police Officer Kevin Keary’s statement in court he was going around his regular neighborhood patrol when he noticed that a car was sitting in a driveway with the engine running. He first spotted the car because of the exhaust fumes in the cold morning air. He waited and nobody came outside either to check on the car or to enquire as to why there was a police patrol vehicle outside. His court statement continued that he exited his patrol car and went to inspect the unattended vehicle more closely to see if anyone was inside. When he looked through the car windows he saw that the doors were unlocked and spotted the keys in the ignition. According to Keary, still no one came from the house to check on the vehicle he determined that he had been there between ten and twelve minutes. As per the traffic code, which states plain and simple that a person should not leave a running vehicle stand unattended, Police Officer Kevin Keary was acting within the law. Roseville tutors agree that the role of the Police force is to serve and protect and the regulations had been put into place because there had been multiple instances where attempts to steal unattended vehicles left with the engine running and unlocked had resulted in serious injuries. There is also another very scary risk for parents of a minor being able to access the vehicle and drive it or release the parking break which could cause serious injury. As the vehicle was easily accessible to the public according to Kevin Keary he said he acted because “This is a public safety issue, plain and simple.”

The lawyers for the defendant Nick Taylor relayed that he like hundreds of other citizens had started his car to warm it up for his family, which included a small baby while he finished up getting ready for work. Taylor was furious that he had been ticketed for what he did not see as doing anything wrong; it was his car on his property. Taylor’s lawyers also pointed to the fact that if the police officer genuinely thought the unattended car posed that severe of a risk to the public he would have done a better job to let the owner know rather than to simply write a ticket and drive away. The judge ruled in the police officers favor, and the ticket was upheld.

Shockingly Police Chief James Berlin during a news interview told the resident to “Drop dead.” This caused the story to go viral, and thousands of people reacted very negatively to the Judges decision.

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