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Serving Rochester Hills & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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About Rochester Hills

According to Rochester Hill’s tutors there has been a recent surge in discussion about the area due to some comments made during a Howard Stern radio interview with the famous singer (and actress) Madonna. Madonna although born in Bay City was relocated to Rochester Hills by her parents and spent her adolescence here. It would seem that at the time she was very unhappy about her parents’ decision and preferred to go back to Pontiac where she said she felt she fit in better because the racial makeup of the city was more diverse and more down to earth.

Madonna built a career around controversy and has successfully evolved and maintained a steady career since the 1980s music video era. Her on stage performances were always edgy and sometimes explicit, and she was known to push the boundaries within the realm of what was socially acceptable both on stage and in her music videos. Many other artists list Madonna as a big influence on their independent music careers, impressed by her candor, her carefree attitude and her ability to evolve. When Madonna’s recording career began in the early 1980s she made use of the new music technology available at that time using synthesizers to enhance and alter the tonality of her voice. As technology has evolved she has often incorporated new ‘sounds’ into her music and has experimented with many different genres. She is recognized as the best selling female recording artist of all time, although may be taken over by Rihanna, if Rihanna continues on with the same momentum that she has displayed in recent years.

During her interview with Howard Stern, Madonna suggested that she found it difficult to assimilate to her new school in Rochester Hills. She felt out of place because the lack of school uniform meant her low-income status was more obvious to the other children, “…because now I didn’t have a uniform….. so I was aware that my clothes were not as cool as everybody elses or as nice as everybody elses…” According to Rochester Hill’s tutors Madonna graduated from Rochester Adams High School (AHS). AHS has a great reputation within the community for repeatedly ranking as a ‘top’ high school in Michigan and they have won multiple awards. Madonna is just one of many Rochester Adams High school alumni that has gone on to achieve fame and fortune, there are also numerable other actors, musicians and athletes that have graduated over the many years since the school was established in 1970.

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