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Serving Livonia & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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Livonia tutors have found in recent years that Livonia has become increasingly well known for its excessive use of “speed traps”. Much like parking tickets, speeding tickets are a great way to inject extra money into local government. When the government began to incentivize writing tickets there became a conflict of interest. Are these tickets written as a means to protect and serve the community by reducing traffic speed in built up areas, or are they a way to control and undermine an educated driver who will drive according to his or her discretion and adapt with changing risks and environments. By positioning officers with radar guns so that they can catch those transitioning from one speed zone to another are they protecting or blatantly taxing to increase government funds?

Parking signs (sometimes unclearly) dictate when and for how long, or indeed if at all, you can park your vehicle. If you forget about the meter, or get stuck in an extra long line you weren’t expecting, or forget about the street cleaning times, chances are you will frustratingly become victim to an exorbitant fine. More often than not the parking fine can be 25 times the original amount it would have cost to put ‘another hour’ in the meter. There is nothing quite like a ticket to ruin your day. More often than not the receipt of this ticket is due to an accident or forgetting as opposed to deliberately not paying, so it’s tough not to blame yourself when you see the ticket on the windshield.

With speeding violations, giving a ticket for excessively exceeding speed limits seems more reasonable as speed limits are put into place according to the area in which the road passes in order to keep the public safe. You will frequently notice signs to reduce speed near schools, where freeways end and in inner city areas. Sometimes however these speed limits are poorly marked or there is a sudden change in speed limit either a reduction or increase. Livonia tutors suggest that more often than not people get caught out when leaving a busy, traffic congested area. As they have been delayed they then try to make up time and accelerate when the congestion dissipates as they are leaving a residential or built up area. Officers position themselves in order to catch those who do not observe the given speed restrictions to keep the roads safe.

Livonia is ranked via numerous websites that track the most reported “speed traps” as one of the worst offending cities in the U.S. A “speed trap” is where the speed limit seems nonsensical based on its location and the police take advantage by monitoring this area with traffic enforcement to deliberately garner ticket revenue.

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