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Serving Farmington Hills & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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About Farmington Hills

One of the most powerful places you will come across in Farmington Hills Michigan is the Holocaust Memorial Center, dedicated to the history of the Holocaust with a focus on making sure history never repeats itself. The Holocaust has more than likely come up in your meetings with your Farmington Hills history tutor, but here is a brief overview.

The Holocaust took place between 1933-1945, started by the Nazi regime and Hitler that controlled the country at the time. During this brief period of history over six million Jewish people lost their lives, along with disabled peoples, Poles, Gypsies, homosexual men, Jehovah’s Witnesses, prisoners of war, and political dissidents who aren’t even counted in these numbers. The travesty created is unmeasurable, and these numbers also don’t count the number of survivors whose lives were forever changed by the event.

At the museum, you can see exhibits like the Eternal flame. In Jewish tradition when a family member passes away a candle is lit for 24 hours on the anniversary of their death. For millions, those dates are unknown, and so to honor those fallen the museum keeps a flame lit 24-7. There is a timeline that depicts the Jewish people in history, as well as an exhibit dedicated to Jewish heritage.

As you move further into the museum you come across the descent to Nazism, that begins the tail of sadness, despair, and anger. It uncovers the atrocities of those that suffered as well as the ones that stayed silent. You will then learn about the camp system, and while there are few camps that have gone down in history as the bleakest, thousands of camps were set up around Germany, some used for labor or slave trade.

The Abyss is next, with documentation of the camps ordered by General Eisenhower as proof that these horrible events did occur, so that this era in time could never go down as simple propaganda against the German people. The Postwar period covers the fall of Nazi Germany, and the struggles that many of these freed Jews faced, with no home, no money, no possessions, and often no family. After all of this you can view the accounts of the survivors, as well as read about the brave people that helped risk their lives to save as many as they could.

This powerful museum is a one of a kind experience, designed to really put visitors in the moment, and have them feel what these victims felt. This may be a good place to stop after a history lesson with your Farmington Hills tutor, to really get a feel for the times.

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