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    Serving Laurelton & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    Looking for a great Laurelton Tutor? From elementary all the way up to college and graduate school, our experienced team at Grade Potential ensures that you’ll receive the highest quality tutoring on your way to achieving your goals, all at an affordable price! We've worked with thousands of local students, so we know what it takes to be successful around here.

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    About Laurelton

    Laurelton is a small community within the borough of Queens in New York City, New York. Families have gravitated toward Laurelton for a number of reasons, and it's not hard to see why. People live happy lives here in Laurelton, and that happiness is contagious. With beautiful parks, tall, commanding trees, and clean streets, Laurelton has a lot to offer, indeed.

    Those who live in Laurelton or have simply passed through will tell you that Laurelton just feels different. It feels like a small town, not like a community within a borough in New York City. When you first think about the location, you might think of skyscrapers and condominiums as far as the eye can see. Not in Laurelton, however. This community has made it a priority to keep things small, and so no skyscrapers or tall apartment buildings have been constructed in all of Laurelton. As a result, Laurelton is much less densely populated than many of its neighboring communities of relatively the same size.

    Beautiful neighborhood parks are popular places for families to spend time together here in Laurelton. These parks are well-maintained and cared for by the local Parks and Recreation department in Laurelton, and the families that use the parks also spend a good amount of time volunteering to help keep these public places safe and clean for the children of Laurelton to enjoy.

    The streets of Laurelton are lined with tall trees and old, beautiful Tutor-style homes. Many Laurelton residents say their family has lived here for generations, and it makes sense — why would you want to leave? With such a deep history in the area, many families that live here stay here, raise their kids, and retire here. Laurelton locals benefit greatly from living in New York City, as it provides many rich opportunities that living elsewhere simply would not. By living in the community of Laurelton, residents get the best of both worlds — the small town feel of Laurelton and the big city of New York just "around the corner".

    Because of Laurelton's location in New York City, local students have access to public schools run by the New York City Department of Education. Schools and libraries run by the NYCDE provide locals with many great educational resources. A number of local private schools and charter schools provide alternative options for students that seek a different learning structure or a different kind of education. For students attending any Laurelton school, local Laurelton tutors are available to help. These local tutors can provide one-on-one help to any student in Laurelton, whether with homework or in developing better study skills.

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    Laurelton Scholarship

    Grade Potential Tutoring is proud to provide Laurelton students with the opportunity to win a semi-annual college scholarship of $1,000! We are proud to assist students with their investment in education. Many local families trust us with their educational investment on a regular basis, so we feel great about giving back in a similar way! Click below to learn more about our scholarship program and how to apply.Learn How To Apply

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