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    Serving Tarzana & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Tarzana

    The neighborhood of Tarzana is located on the site of a former ranch owned by the famous author Edgar Rice Burroughs. The neighborhood is named after one of Burroughs most famous and beloved characters Tarzan.

    "Tarzan", is the story of a small feral child who is orphaned from his parents and grows up in the African Jungle and is raised by the 'Mangani' great apes. As a young adult Tarzan meets and falls in love with a woman named Jane Porter. He leaves the jungle and goes to America to try and find her. Eventually they marry and move back to the jungle together unable to acclimate to living in traditional civilization. Many stories revolve around their adventures together while living happily in the jungle together.

    Edgar Rice Burroughs hailed originally from Chicago, and many of his ancestors fought in the American Revolution. Tarzana tutors acknowledge that Burroughs took great pride in his family heritage and spoke often of his ancestors who settled in Virginia during the colonial period. As you may assume a creative mind would, Burroughs romanticized his ancestors’ plight.

    After Burroughs was discharged from service, he worked a number of low paid jobs before he finally began writing fiction. In his spare time Burroughs had been reading pulp-fiction magazines and it occurred to him, that he could write better works himself, so he did. This is such an inspirational story for tutors in Tarzana whose students are unsure of which direction to take.

    Burroughs work shaped the future of his entire family. Burroughs’ son John Coleman Burroughs was later known for illustrating his father’s books. His daughter Joan married the actor who played "Tarzan", film actor James Pierce. Burroughs founded alongside good friend Ashton Dearholt, the production company Burroughs-Tarzan Enterprises. Dearholt was an entrepreneur and actor who starred in "The New Adventures of Tarzan". On set, he fell in love and married the leading lady Ula Holt. In an incestuous twist, Burroughs divorced his then wife shortly afterwards, and ended up marrying Florence Gilbert Dearholt, ex-wife of Ashton Dearholt.

    In his later years Burroughs moved with Florence to Hawaii. Their relationship ended, but he continued to work. He was in his late 60s in Honolulu at the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He applied and was granted permission to become a war correspondent. This made him one of the oldest U.S war correspondents during World War II. When the war ended he moved back to California, eventually after a series of health problems he passes and he is buried in Tarzana.

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