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    Serving Studio City & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Studio City

    If you follow a Hollywood Stars map closely, you will be able to find the actual home exterior which was used for the long running television show ‘The Brady Bunch”. The Brady Bunch was a television sitcom that centered around the lives of a blended American family in the late 60’s /early 70’s. This TV show became an American cultural icon. The house located at 11222 Dilling Street, can easily still be found in Studio City. However please note, as you may suspect, the Brady Bunch will not be at home, in fact, truth be told, they never lived here at all.

    The Brady Bunch producers chose the home simply because they believed the house looked relatable and middle class, and they thought that it looked like the type of house that an architect might live in. Those familiar with the show will know that Mr. Brady was an architect.

    During the shows first run, the owner of the house moved out. Studio City tutors speculate that the reason for his move was due to the lack of privacy. Previously just an average and quiet suburban home it soon became a hot tourist attraction.

    The producers must have done a convincing job of persuading viewers that the Brady Bunch really was just an average American family. Tourists certainly thought that the family was real. The property’s new owner wisely decided to build a fence right around the perimeter of the yard to try and control the invasion of privacy by over zealous Brady Bunch fans. It did help to deter the fans that kept coming into the yard and peeking through the windows, no doubt hoping to see their favorite family relaxing at home inside. The interior shots of the Brady bunch at home were not filmed at the house location. They were filmed on a studio lot nearby.

    This fence is still up and provides a necessary barrier for the devout fans. However it failed to be an effective deterrent, as the house was recently the location of a burglary.

    Although interest in the home has subsided since the shows heyday, the homes owners have daily visitors who knock on the front door to double check that they have found the correct home. They also regularly see tourists taking videos or photographs outside the front of the property. Studio City tutors encourage their students to go over and take a look at this piece of iconic American history found in their very own neighborhood.

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