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    Serving Jupiter & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Jupiter

    Jupiter may seem like an odd name for a town in Palm Beach County, but like most of Florida’s city names, it traces back to the Indians and the Spanish. The Spanish originally named the area after the Indian natives, “Jobe” (Hoe-bay Indians). Arriving in 1763, the English believed the name referred to the ancient mythology God, “Jove” (Zeus, the Roman God) and called it by their version “Jupiter,” which referred to the same God. Confusing to say the least!

    The most prominent landmark in Jupiter is the Jupiter Lighthouse, the oldest and most historical structure in Palm Beach County. Locals refer to the Jupiter Lighthouse as their “proud lady of the inlet.” It has 105 steps winding up the red brick tower, where you can enter the “Watch Room” through a hatch at the top.

    Some of the most interesting tidbits, or tales, about Jupiter occurred during the Prohibition days in the late 1920’s. Because of the National Prohibition Act, mobsters made their way to this South Florida area, most infamously, Al Capone. As the story goes, in order to escape the harsh winters of Chicago, “Scarface,” as he was known, purchased a home in Palm Island, Miami Beach. There is also an unconfirmed rumor that Al Capone also purchased land secretly in Jupiter somewhere on what is now called “Jupiter Farms Road.

    If you’re wondering how Capone’s neighbors liked the idea of having him next door, the answer is they didn’t find out until it was too late. Why? Well, in order to avoid the hassle of objections, Capone bought his home by using a “dummy” buyer to make the purchase. Makes one wonder why Capone went through so much trouble to be secretive, since it hardly seems that anyone would have desired to make trouble for a group of mobsters — especially one called Scarface, don’t you agree?!

    Interestingly, Al Capone became a real celebrity in the local Jupiter area because he liked to spend money, and he tipped well. His mobster friends, who visited him at his home, would also join him in spending their money at the local nightclubs and race tracks. Scarface was also a fan of prize fighting. As the story goes, he and his gang of mobsters would drive through the area in style in his giant Packard, especially to attend the boxing matches every Friday night.

    Many years later, another not-so-infamous celebrity, Burt Reynolds, purchased a ranch in the area, which allegedly included the same property Al Capone originally owned. The truth remains a mystery, but it is a rumor that adds to the colorful history of Jupiter and its surrounding communities.

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