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    Serving Wesley Chapel & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Wesley Chapel

    Wesley Chapel, Florida, is a rapidly growing community in Pasco County. In fact, Wesley Chapel has recently been referred to as the catalyst for the growth of the entire county. But, this wasn’t always the case. Up until 2000, Wesley Chapel was still a small community known for its rural charm, wildlife, and agriculture.

    Like many small towns, Wesley Chapel’s history is full interesting people and stories. Wesley Chapel was named after the Methodist church that was located right on the corner of town. Before it was Wesley Chapel, the area was called Double Branch, because of two creeks that ran through the area and served as a landmark. At that time, the area also earned the nickname, “Gaterville,” although one hesitates to wonder why.

    Originally, Wesley Chapel was a sparsely populated agricultural area, full of hardworking landowners just trying to make a living. Those who were not ranchers, worked under industrialists like John D. Rockefeller producing lumber and turpentine. The women of Wesley Chapel have always played an important role in supporting the community. Many of the early ranches were run by women and several of the early women residents were involved in politics and community affairs; this was well before women in government was widely accepted.

    Women were not the only residents in Wesley County making waves. Perhaps slightly less honorable, Wesley Chapel was popular for its opposition of prohibition and moonshine. In fact, the community is said to have housed ninety percent of the stills that sold illegal liquor in the Tampa area. Moonshines in the area more than likely tutored each other in how to successfully run an illicit still. One can imagine the stories that went along with producing and distributing so much contraband.

    Today, it is the local church that is the focal point of Wesley Chapel’s community. The First Baptist Church of Wesley Chapel, originally named the Double Branch Baptist Church, has become an important part of the Wesley Chapel culture. It is the Baptist church that provides an outlet for the community's love of music and singing. Every friday night, the church opens its doors for musicians and singers of all kinds to get together and make music. The church also hosts the Fifth Sunday Sing, a large community event with worship, singing, and a huge potluck. The Fifth Sunday Sing lasts all day, and attracts people from all over to come and enjoy the festivities. It has even been referred to as the, “Grand Ole Opry of Wesley Chapel.” Wesley Chapel may have changed quite a bit over the years, but its residents will always be united by a rich history, community, and a love of music.

    Wesley Chapel tutors want every student to have a sense of support and encouragement. Wesley Chapel tutors are able to help in many different subject areas and across every grade level. Support from a Wesley Chapel tutor could be just what you need to help your child get back on track.

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