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    Serving Bayonet Point & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Bayonet Point

    There is little mystery surrounding the origins of the name Bayonet Point; a map produced by the Florida State Geological Survey has been recovered from 1900 which has the name Bayonet Point written on it in its exact geographical location. The reason behind the name is unknown, but there is speculation and according to Bayonet Point tutors claims have been made that don’t chronologically make sense.

    Today most residents of nearby cities will have heard the name Bayonet Point mentioned because it is the location of a large medical center. A new program that’s been introduced in the hospital is garnering a lot of press locally and has received a resounding ‘thumbs-up’ with plenty of positive feedback from the community. It involves the healing powers of having a pet with you while recuperating at hospital.

    It has been known for sometime that pets bring comfort and joy and often help their owners feel more relaxed and calm. Therefore it is not to far of a jump to imagine that given the stress and shock and anxiety and many other emotions one may encounter when in a hospital, and also depending on the patients physical condition and mental state, that having a pet nearby would help them at least feel more relaxed, which will encourage healing and a feeling of well being. Bayonet Point tutors add that hospitals are (for good reason) a very sterile environment and the presence of an animal can make the patient feel more like they are home.

    The current pet therapy program at the hospital has local dog owner Charles Andrews and his pet dog ‘Mr. McTrouble” come to visit the hospital weekly on a Thursday. Also local dog owner Raymond Jozwik and his pet dog Cotton Girl visit as well. So far the hospital patients have had nothing but encouraging remarks about the program and the positive impact it has had on the patients there. A patient in recovery Cindy Pashley said of Mr. McTrouble, “he’s beautiful, nice, and calm. Very Friendly.” Owner Raymond Joziak says that his Collie gets a positive response because many of the older patients liken her to “Lassie”; a positive association that immediately makes them feel more at ease.

    The program is continuing to run and has received continuing positive feedback and has changed the lives of many long term patients at the hospital who look forward to the weekly visit as it breaks up the mundane schedule and day to day routine that can be depressing for some patients who do not get to go home and spend time with their own pets.

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