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    Serving Sunset Cliffs & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Sunset Cliffs

    Question: What does the San Diego neighborhood of Sunset Cliffs have in common with baseball?

    Answer: They both were prized by Albert Spalding (1849-1915), an important figure in the early histories of baseball and of Sunset Cliffs.

    Life at Sunset Cliffs
    After moving to San Diego in 1900, Spalding and his wife became supporters of Lomaland, a Theosophical community being developed in nearby Pt. Loma. Spalding decided to build an estate on a stretch of land atop ocean cliffs and paid Japanese architects about $2 million to construct bridges, trails, benches, and a stairway to the ocean. He called the estate Sunset Cliffs Park, and, as a result, the adjacent neighborhood took on “Sunset Cliffs” as its new label. Sunset Cliffs today is mostly a residential area with a small commercial strip—and easy access to a whole lot of coastline. Local students who obtain tutoring in Sunset Cliffs have much more time to explore the beach and natural areas.

    Spalding died in 1915, and in 1925, John P. Mills purchased the property and some surrounding acreage and began developing it into a residential neighborhood. He spent $1 million to reinforce Spalding’s features before selling the land to the city for a park. After years of sun, water, and erosion, however, the city deemed Spalding’s structures unsafe and removed them.

    Today, the sixty-eight-acre Sunset Cliffs Natural Park shows off some of San Diego County’s finest scenery: dramatically carved coastal bluffs, sea arches, sea caves, and secluded strips of beach. It connects on the south end to a nature preserve, where Sunset Cliffs tutors can teach their pupils about the local ecosystems. The park is a sought-after site for weddings, sunset watching, and whale watching. However, caution is in order, as falls from the cliffs can be dangerous.

    Ties to Baseball
    Before he even knew about Sunset Cliffs, Spalding played baseball for the Boston Red Stockings, the precursor to the Atlanta Braves. After that, he played for the Chicago White Stockings, now known as the Chicago Cubs. Spalding was “the premier pitcher of the 1870s” and the only pitcher for his team for six full seasons. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t until 1877 that Spalding began to use a glove on his catching hand. Gloves were not popular, and it was Spalding who got other players to use them to protect their hands.

    Spalding retired from baseball at age 27 but stayed involved with professional baseball as president and part owner of the White Stockings. His 0.796 career winning percentage is the highest ever by a baseball pitcher but was earned in an era when teams played once or twice a week.

    While Spalding was still playing, he and his brother Walter established a sporting goods store in Chicago in 1874; by 1901 there were fourteen stores. Spalding, a manufacturer and distributor for multi-sport equipment, thrived and is still in business today.

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