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    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+
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    Serving Orinda & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    Looking for a great Orinda Tutor? From elementary all the way up to college and graduate school, our experienced team at Grade Potential ensures that you’ll receive the highest quality tutoring on your way to achieving your goals, all at an affordable price! We've worked with thousands of local students, so we know what it takes to be successful around here.

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    About Orinda

    Cram some people together, rural or urban, and what do you know? You know you have a city. City defined: a big town; More Specifically, a large and permanent settlement. Well, does Orinda City, California qualify? Sure, you say: Big Deal. But listen to this: it smiles too!

    Forbes Magazine surveyed 500 cities. And guess what? Orinda City, CA was the second best smiling city in the USA. Forbes called it the 2nd Friendliest City in the USA. Oh my, we could all use a friend. So here’s a genuine, grade A city friend, the 2nd Friendliest City in the Good Ol' USA.

    Orinda passed all the tests and beat 499 other fine cities, Forbes Magazine says. To quote them, “There are measurable factors that we believe are associated with a strong sense of community or that serve to promote good-feeling among neighbors.”

    And measure them they did, chronicling the good qualities of 500 small metro areas with populations between 5,500 and 150,000. Well, Orinda City does qualify as a genuine grade A West Coast California city of nearly 18,000 population! It is also a suburb of Oakland, in the general proximity of the city of San Francisco.

    Now, here’s what else they measured of its magnificence. There were formidable data points, such as Orinda’s charitable giving, low crime rate, and a high percentage of owner-occupied homes, 92%, which has proven to add to neighborhood stability. Next was its high percentage of college graduates, 77%. Research has shown them to typically get more involved in civic activities and volunteer time to help the community.

    Now this quaint little town of Orinda, according the Forbes Magazine had ALL of these wonderful qualities. Its residents are friendly to everyone, not just the locals. “They draw residents by the thousands to their Orinda Film Festival and the annual Shakespeare Festival.” Their citizens are welcoming, open, and well, friendly. But also – guess what? They have great schools!

    Speaking of schools, those future college grad teenagers Orinda City is nurturing might need to get a friendly Orinda tutor, at times, to help them with college preparations. And this is important too: test prep tutoring. There are tricks to the trade of Standardized Tests: things like feeling confident, relaxed, and knowing how to prepare for the ACT, SAT, LSAT PSAT…along with other particulars that help students make a roadmap for the college preparatory journey. A Grade “A” Orinda City friendly Orinda tutor is dedicated to making champs from the 2nd friendliest city, in the good old USA.

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