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Serving Norristown & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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About Norristown

One of the most popular attractions in Norristown for local joggers and hikers is the Norristown Farm Park. Unlike other hiking trails what makes this area in particular quite unusual and interesting is that on entering the park you are actually entering a working farm. Contained within the park are hundreds of species of birds and wildlife and many different species of trees and wildflowers.

The park is on land that was sold to Isaac Norris by William Penn’s son. That is the reason why the area is called Norristown. Subsequently Norris sold the land to James Shannon, and a mansion at the park’s entrance is named after Shannon. The park is also home to a series of old buildings; many of which date back to the dawn of the country itself. One of the buildings in the park is called Castner House, it is named after the shoemaker/cobbler ‘John Castner’ who once resided there and ran his business. This was built in 1802, and is one of the older buildings on the lot. The Norris family used to reside within the park in “Happy Hollow Cottage,” which was built in the year 1800.

An interesting development occurred on the land that the farm occupies in the late 1800s. A law was passed which allowed the state itself permission to buy land in order to build public health service buildings. The land here proved to be the ideal location for the Norristown State Hospital. In keeping with the quirkiness of the current land use which mixes a public park with a working farm, back when the hospital was built and for the one hundred subsequent years ailing patients at the Norristown State Hospital used to also help out on the farm. Although unconventional it proved to be incredibly popular especially with patients with extended stays who were convalescing and were not yet allowed to leave. Having small projects on the property, interacting with the animals, and being outside in the fresh air were all positive actions that improved health and kept up spirits for the patients. It became an official part of their treatment program where physically possible to go out and assist in the planting of crops and taking care of the livestock and other animals. The farm was also used as a location for would be framers to learn the trade and provided alternative employment for those unable to participate in the armed forces during the world wars. Sadly a review in the mid 1970s came to the conclusion that it would be less expensive to buy food that cover the costs of all that went into farming their own. There were also contradictory schools of thought that believed that patients were not recovering more quickly or enjoying the opportunities the farm afforded them. Naturally some patients were not keen to go outside and assist in farming.

After the hospital relinquished responsibility for the farm it was taken over by the Department of Agriculture. The park was officially created in 1992 after the land was leased to Montgomery County.

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