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    Serving Manassas & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Manassas

    In northern Virginia, you will find the city of Manassas, a friendly town with a rich history. Considered to be within the Washington D.C. metropolis, Manassas is not far from our nation’s capital, making it an ideal location for residents who wish to commute in to the big city for work each day. As the county seat in Prince William County, Manassas affords its citizens access to many great amenities, with beautiful parks and a cute downtown area.

    You might recognize the name Manassas from several historical battles during the American Civil War. One such historical battle was the First Battle of Bull Run, which happened in the mid 1800s. The sequel to that battle also happened in Manassas, and both of these battles were known as the First Battle of Manassas and the Second Battle of Manassas. This area of the country was very torn during the civil war, being somewhat centrally located, as camps from the north and the south waged war in this land.

    Because the city of Manassas was located in such a historic area, there are also many historical buildings. These buildings have been restored and preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn from. A few of the buildings and structures on the National Register of Historic Places include the Manassas Historic District (a neighborhood of beautiful old houses) and the Cannon Branch Fort.

    The Manassas Museum is open to the public, and provides a look back in time to everyone who visits. With artifacts from the 1800s and old photographs of days gone by, the Manassas Museum is a wonderful collection that’s worth checking out. They even have a virtual tour online for those who can’t visit the museum in person!

    Manassas boasts fifteen different parks within the city. These beautiful parks are popular places for families and children of all ages, and each park has something unique to offer. Dean Park is popular for those who enjoy nature walks and open spaces, but there are also plenty of sports fields and courts for those who enjoy those activities.

    Families that live in Manassas enjoy access to the schools of the Manassas City Public School District. Several elementary schools, middle schools, and one high school serves the city of Manassas, and a few private schools serve the area as well. Residents like being able to choose between several different schools. With access to many additional educational resources, parents feel good about the educational opportunities provided to children that live here. For students who may need extra help, local Manassas tutors are available for extra one-on-one help in a wide variety of subjects.

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