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    Serving Alexandria & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Alexandria

    Along the western shore of the Potomac River, the city of Alexandria is a beautiful and historic region in Virginia. Being within ten miles of Washington D.C. provides Alexandria residents with access to many federal jobs and industries, along with the rich history of the area. Alexandria residents love being within such close distance to the United States capital.

    Known for its walkable neighborhoods and historic “Old Town” district, Alexandria boasts a gorgeous historic collection of buildings, which are now shops, restaurants, and homes. The diverse demographic of Alexandria consists of families, young professionals, and senior citizens, all whom love living here for a number of reasons. The high quality of living and high-income average make Alexandria a very attractive place to settle down.

    With a history that dates back to the late 17th century, Alexandria has an interesting and diverse past. Long before it was called Alexandria, this area was used for growing tobacco, and its location along the Potomac made it attractive for transportation and shipping purposes. The town itself wasn’t incorporated until much later, in the late 18th century, and soon after, the first President of the United States himself decided to include Alexandria within the District of Columbia.

    An interesting fact from Alexandria’s history is that it was actually the first city in which blood was spilled during a battle of the Civil War. As the Civil War progressed, Alexandria offered a safe haven and jobs for African Americans fleeing the slavery of the south.

    Today, Alexandria boasts a diverse population with a wide variety of jobs and a thriving economy. Since many federal facilities and national companies reside here, government departments such as the United States Department of Commerce and the United States Department of Defense employee many residents of Alexandria. Besides government jobs, there are many charity organizations that are headquartered in Alexandria, including many well-known non-profits.

    Families that live in Alexandria love the quality of life and family friendly environment. With access to so many historic sites, raising kids in Alexandria provides wonderful educational opportunities, especially with regards to the history of our nation. The education system in Alexandria is considered to be of a very high quality, with several public and private school options. Home to several of Washington D.C.’s best private schools, many families move to Alexandria for this very reason. Parents will also be glad to know that local Alexandria tutors are available for those who feel that their kids could benefit from some additional one-on-one help.

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