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    Serving Four Corners & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Four Corners

    Four Corners is the only community in Florida to extend over and include, four different counties within its boundaries. Four Corners tutors tell us that the scientific name for such a rare occurrence is a “quadripoint.” Although this term is not used frequently, it has been used in published factual articles to describe areas where counties, states and even countries have four intersecting borders.

    According to Four Corners tutors, the tricky part of residing within Four Corners is knowing which counties boundaries you fall into. If you attend school in Four Corners you could be attending schools in one of four different districts; Lake County Schools, Polk County Public Schools, School District of Osceola County and Orange County Public Schools. It could be the case that a friend living just a few blocks away would fall into a different school district. This can also be said for other local government operated services and amenities. Living in Four Corners means that you will live in either Orange County, Osceola County, Polk County or Lake County. All counties, as you would expect, have different governing bodies in place, with different taxation amounts and varying policies.

    Some residents have complained that they did not realize that they lived in Four Counties, and only found out when trying to ascertain information regarding their local jurisdiction and what they are entitled to. The issue with Four Corners is that although four counties exist within it’s borders, it is the very end of each of these territories, there is no one county that Four Corners has a larger share of, or includes the heart of. As the unpopulated outskirts of each of the four counties in the area has meant that Four Corners has never been the primary focus of any of the counties. The part of the respective county located within the boundary of Four Corners would no doubt fall into the designation of rural or ‘sticks.’ As the population here is significantly less (even though growing) than at the counties heart, attention is focused on amenities where the significant proportion of homeowners reside. Only twenty years or so ago the area was not significantly populated and issues were solved on a case-by-case basis. Nowadays, the area has seen significant growth and the structure is under pressure from residents who often feel like they are overlooked when it comes to local services.

    Problems have started to increase substantially with insufficient first responders allocated for the community. As the population has increased an unfortunate side effect has been an increase in crime and accidents, and Four Corners has not been allocated enough staff to cope with the growing need. Four Corners tutors say that the community is actively engaging in Neighborhood Watch programs to help to look out for each other.

    Getting Started Is Easy!Call us now: (407) 328-8867(321) 268-8867

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