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    Serving Clermont & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Clermont

    Clermont is the place to visit if you want to see the Florida Citrus Tower. This landmark and tourist attraction has been in place since the mid fifties.

    Clermont tutors say that it was constructed as a vantage point to have the best possible unobstructed view of the captivating orange groves that surrounded it, and stretched for miles and miles into the distance, as far as the eye could see. Nowadays the view is not quite as impressive; the old look out point’s beautiful groves have been replaced by housing developments, and in the middle distance where one might have been able to see an orange glistening in the sun (if you squinted your eyes,) now you are more likely to see a car, or a young boy taking his dog out for a walk. In a strange twist the tower itself rather than the view it once provided is the reason for visiting this tall and imposing structure today.

    It took over a year to build this narrow column. The idea behind it was to flaunt the success of the citrus industry in the locality; it was the brainchild of A.W.Thacker and Jack Toole. It worked, and was a very popular stop off point for those driving along Highway 27 on their way to Central Florida. No doubt it provided some amusement, and a moment get out of the car and “stretch ones legs” especially if embarking on a long drive in an uncomfortable 1950’s motor. Clermont tutors suggest that it was perhaps simply a matter of being in a convenient location that led to the success of the tower. Many shared this conclusion; the amount of visitors dropped off significantly when a new and faster artery was built that took drivers and passengers off Highway 27. It was then the case that visiting the tower became an unnecessary detour, and suddenly people stopped coming to the Florida Citrus Tower, and instead motored on down the newly extended Florida Turnpike to quickly reach their destination.

    When the tower became a remnant of a successful past the owners decided to sell it off, as it was no longer profitable. Since 1964 when the Florida Turnpike was constructed it was never to again see the level of interest that it once drew from hundreds of thousands of visitors. The Florida Citrus Tower ended up changing hands a few times before it landed in the late eighties in the hands of new ownership yet again that thought perhaps they could reignite it’s popularity. In an effort to get more patrons the experience was enhanced, adding to the bird’s eye view of the citrus groves the ability to travel into and through the crops via a small purpose built tram. Sadly this wasn’t very successful and further ideas on trying to bring the tower back to it’s hey day have since been put on hold.

    However today it is still erect and open to the public, serving as more of a memory of the history of the area to the local residents than a tourist attraction for “out of towners.” It was recently updated with an orange vertical “go-fast” stripe painted on the center of each of its four sides. Clermont tutors say it is still a popular place for students to visit to learn about the history of their neighborhood.

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