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    Serving St. Louis & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About St. Louis

    During your visits with your St. Louis tutor in Missouri, I’m sure the topic of the Civil War has come up. This is a very significant milestone in our nation’s history, and you might be left feeling you could get a greater appreciation of it if you could really experience the event. That’s where the Civil War Museum in St. Louis comes into play.

    The facilities history goes back even farther than just the museum. The building started as a Jefferson Barracks Post Exchange and Gymnasium in 1905. The building’s main purpose was to serve as an activity and work out center for soldiers. While there was more than likely a larger number of these buildings created, only 3 other buildings are currently in existence like the one in St Louis. There is one in Fort Monroe Virginia, Madison Barracks New York, and F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming. While there was a 4th sister building located in Fort de Moines Iowa, it was unfortunately torn down in 1963.

    The building only functioned under this purpose for 13 years before it was repurposed as a troop barracks during World War I. Company A of the 6th Infantry moved into the building and called the little structure home until they were sent overseas to fight in the war. During World War II the building was again used as a activity facility for soldiers, and remained so until 1942, when a higher need arose as an overflow building for the Jefferson Barracks Hospital.

    In the late 1940’s the building as abandoned, where it sat vacant for over 60 years. The Civil War Museum was founded in the early 2000’s and with hard dedication and over a decade’s worth of work the building as restored as a museum. This was done solely by personal donations, no federal or government grants or loans were used, which is quite impressive and speaks to how important the society felt preserving history was.

    Today the building now operates as a museum for Civil was memorabilia. It is a wonderful reminder of where we came from, and a perfect follow up to a history lesson from St. Louis tutor. I’m sure you might even be able to convince them to go with you, and perhaps provide some more in depth knowledge of the information that you are looking at! Sometimes the best way to learn is by getting up and seeing it for yourself!

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