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    Serving Ferguson & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Ferguson

    In recent years, the name of Ferguson, Missouri conjures up a variety of negative images: police shootings, violent riots, and racial tension. Ferguson made national news in 2014 for the shooting death of Alton Brown, a young African-American male, and ever since, conversations about this small town inevitably involve references to Brown and the aftermath of his altercation with Officer Wilson. This piece of writing, however, seeks to expose a different side of Ferguson; it is one that is inspiring and uplifting, and one that offers hope for the future of this troubled community.

    Every Saturday morning, local farmers and artisans gather to hold a Farmer’s Market in Ferguson’s downtown. For several hours, sellers hawk their wares side by side, selling fresh produce (mostly organic), eggs, meat, cheese, pastries, crafts, and other items created by local residents. Live music plays and many residents gather to meander the rows of the market, building up not only the local economy, but also the bonds of an otherwise fractured community.

    Food contests and chef’s demonstrations are a part of this weekly gathering, demonstrating that life continues on Ferguson—citizens are free to participate, and indeed, ought to participate not just for the draw of the products, but the chance to interact as neighbors and friends. The Farmer’s Market has been a local tradition since 2002, and for the last 15 years, has been a bright spot in the town every Saturday morning.

    The individuals who work the market and sponsor it month after month have a camaraderie that is contagious—familiar, friendly faces are part of the experience at the Farmer’s Market. And if you’re the type of person who prefers to grow your own food rather than buy it, there is still a place for you in Ferguson. Seeds for vegetable and flower gardens are sold at the market, in addition to the fruits and vegetables and fresh flowers that they produce.

    Tutors in Ferguson plant seeds with every appointment they hold with clients, and are able to reap the rewards of their side-by-side work when students find the success they pursue with the help of their tutors. Individual, careful attention is paid by tutors at Grade Potential, who are aware of the needs of their community and clients alike—meaningful interaction takes place in addition to learning, and struggling students will find friends not only at the weekly Farmer’s Market, but in the tutors they work diligently work with when they are in need of academic help.

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