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    Serving Mehlville & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Mehlville

    Mehlville is a small community within St. Louis’ suburban sprawl. Mehlville is a quiet town, unassuming, and functions as a typical city in the Midwest. Something special about its Fire Department, however, is the STARS Program.

    The Mehlville Fire Protection District, in recent years, started a program specially designed to make local paramedics and fire fighters better equipped to serve special needs children in the community. Individuals from infancy through age twenty-one can register for this program and help the Fire Protection District prepare for their needs. STARS stand for Special needs Tracking and Awareness Response Program. Local residents with special needs children can register for this program, which then assigns a special number to their child. A list of these numbers is placed in every fire truck and ambulance, so when a parent calls in distress, they can give their number to the 911 dispatcher, who then relays it to the fire fighters or paramedics en route to the emergency.

    Each child’s number also correlates to a special report on their individual needs. Their report includes medical history, allergies, medications, baseline vital signs, and previous medical emergencies, as well as other important information that emergency responders require in order to effectively treat special needs children. Having this information beforehand can be the difference between life and death, especially if a parent who made the call is in no emotional state to provide crucial information in the moment—or worse, is unable to provide that information on the spot without medical histories on-hand.

    STARS is a program that watches out for and protects individuals who are already often marginalized and already suffer from their medical conditions. This is a population more likely to have an emergency compared to others, so STARS truly is a boon to the community. The extra time and care that goes into running the program, and paying attention to the special needs of children who require it, demonstrates the compassion the community has for its youngsters.

    Tutors in Mehlville have similar concerns for their clients, acting as responders when students are struggling to maintain an acceptable academic performance. Records are kept of their appointments, notes on the individual needs of students are made, and return visits are scheduled to continue working with those who need the help. Organized, prepared, and professional, Grade Potential tutors are equipped to serve their students with the utmost skill and attention.

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