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Serving La Palma & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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About La Palma

If you’re from Orange County, then you are probably familiar with La Palma California. Or maybe you aren’t as it is the smallest town in the county, as it covers a very small 1.76 square miles. La Palma California originally started as a dairy farm in the 50’s, actually more then one dairy farm.

Eighteen dairy farmers got together and decided that California’s boom was taking away good agricultural lands from the farmers. Giant tract housing developments were going up. Malls were being developed in every major city, and bigger plots of land were becoming more and more scarce. As Hollywood and Los Angeles grew, the population of the state expanded, and demand for more housing, more stores, more restaurants, took precedence over farmland.

The farmers saw this and were upset by it. They wanted a place that would be all theirs, a place for their cows, chickens, and grain, unhindered by city development and planning. So, they purchased a 1.76 square mile plot and set up their eighteen dairies, calling the little settlement “Dairyland”. They zoned their land to exclude housing developments, to deter any possible big dreamers from coming and turning their agricultural land into a metropolitan city. No doubt they provided their own schooling and supplied their own La Palma tutors for their children.

In the end it turned out that these farmers were the beginning of their own downfall. Your La Palma tutor will tell you if you’ve been studying economy that in these booming times land that was untouched went for a high price. For ten years, the lands were dominated by cows, chickens and strawberry fields. The farmers began to feel that time had made their land too valuable, and they began to draft a plan for a city, calling it La Palma. There would be well defined residential, commercial, and industrial zones, and suddenly the town that had its doors completely shut to developers was now welcoming them in with open arms.

With this invitation developers did flood in, and little by little new housing tracts went up, along with it came stores, shopping centers gas stations, restaurants, and much more. The town slowly grew and grew, pushing out dairy farmers more and more. As the farmers gave up more and more of their land the city of La Palma swallowed it right up, turning into new developed areas. Nowadays the only thing left of the dairy cows that gave the city its start is a picture of a dairy cow on the city seal. Of course, the farmers have no one to blame, and the city of La Palma became a very close knit community, and holds more seasonal events then towns three times its size. The pride that the people took in their city has not changed!

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