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    Serving Friendswood & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Friendswood

    In close proximity to Galveston Bay and the Gulf Coast, Friendswood is a city in Texas within the Houston metropolitan area. A lovely place to live, Friendswood is steeped in Texas history and surrounded by natural beauty.

    With a name like “Friendswood”, before you’ve even seen the town or heard about how great it is, you already have a smile on your face. Before many communities began within the city of Friendswood, the land was covered in orchards, including fig trees, oranges, among others. The original settlers of the area were Quakers, which is how the city got its name, since Quakers often refer to themselves as “Friends”. The natural land encompassing Friendswood is truly beautiful. Featuring dense wooded areas, crystal clear creeks, and green prairies, it’s easy to see why the Quakers saw this part of Texas as the perfect place to set up a “Promised Land” for their congregation!

    Originally a very simple, rural settlement, Friendswood residents enjoyed a quiet life, without many modern amenities. Being a primarily religious settlement of Quakers, this walk of life was preferred and maintained for over fifty years. In the mid 1950s, however, the area gained interest from the outside world, and many young families moved from the larger nearby cities, growing the population tremendously. With the population growth came a need for more modern city amenities, like a hospital, bank, and police station. From then on, the population continued to grow, into what Friendswood is today, a successful town for businesses, families, and tourists alike.

    Families love living in the community of Friendswood. There’s so much to do, and so many different activities to keep their children busy and active. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department is always coming up with new projects and events in Friendswood. Throughout the year, there’s always a fun event to look forward to. The Daddy Daughter Dance is a popular February tradition, while the July 4th Celebration is known throughout local communities to be a blast. A unique Halloween tradition, the Spookfest Softball Tournament is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Of course, Santa in the Park is a popular event for families with young children.

    In the summertime, it gets hot and humid in Friendswood, so it’s nice to have a cool place to retreat. The Friendswood Sesquicentennial Pool is a popular destination during those treacherous summer months. Fun for the whole family, the pool is open to all ages. Swim lessons are also a great option for kids who need to learn water safety first.

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