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    Serving Baytown & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Baytown

    Near the Gulf of Mexico in the coastal region of Texas you’ll find Baytown, appropriately named for its location. Baytown is located within the metropolitan region of Houston, allowing its residents easy and convenient access to all of the great amenities available in the big city.

    With early beginnings, Baytown has been around since the early 1820s. Proof of the fact that some things never change is the fact that the same ferry crossing service that was set up by one of the first settlers to the area, Nathaniel Lynch, is still a service to this area in present day. Of course, we can assume that the ferries themselves have been updated in the past two hundred years!

    Before Baytown was “Baytown”, it was actually several different settlements. These towns realized they were stronger together with their combined assets than they were as separate entities. In the mid 1900s, citizens voted on this collaborations, and modern day Baytown was born.

    As much of this area of Texas, Baytown’s major source of economic growth stemmed from the oil industry. This caused a great population boom to this general region in Texas, and Baytown was no exception. The steel industry had a good start here in Baytown as well in the 1970s, but only lasted just shy of two decades, due to a declining demand for steel in the United States.

    Families love the location of Baytown, as it provides them access to Houston, as well as many surrounding cities. Beyond the location, Baytown also provides families with so many different things to do. A local favorite, the Baytown Nature Center is a wonderful place to visit for both residents and tourists alike. A natural wildlife preserve and popular recreational spot, the Baytown Nature Center is a wonderful example of the local ecosystem, featuring many local wildlife species for visitors to enjoy.

    Those who enjoy motorsports will be happy to know that Baytown is home to the Royal Purple Raceway. With a featured drag race meet each week and hot rod races, tens of thousands of fans gather here regularly to watch races each year from spring until early fall. The venue has been in operation for nearly thirty years.

    When it comes to shopping locally, Baytown has some great options for its residents. The San Jacinto Mall is popular in this area and also brings in plenty of business from neighboring communities. With a number of large, prominent stores and a movie theatre, you can go shopping, catch a movie, and then cruise by the food court for a snack. Sounds like a fun afternoon to me!

    Getting Started Is Easy!Call us now: (713) 228-8867(281) 238-8867

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