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    Serving Forest Grove & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Forest Grove

    Education has always been one of the driving forces behind Forest Grove, Oregon, originally a farming town, but one with a rich history of promoting learning for its residents.

    One of Forest Grove’s original pioneers was also the woman who assisted in the formation of its first school, the Tualatin Academy, which she advanced despite the fact that she was a poor widow with few resources. The life and work of Tabitha Moffatt Brown (1780-1858) was recognized by the Oregon State Legislature in 1987, when she was proclaimed “Mother of Oregon.”

    The school she helped found is now called Pacific University, a renowned private college that was the first institute of higher learning to be established west of the Mississippi.

    Tabitha, a native of Massachussetts, made her way to the West over the infamous Oregon Trail, a treacherous journey spanning thousands of miles of wilderness, with disease, starvation, and unfriendly natives along the way. She arrived with just a few cents to her name and some old clothes — some of which she traded for buckskin to make gloves, which she sold to make a meager living.

    Prior to her adventure, Tabitha had raised four children with her preacher husband, the Rev. Clark Brown, and worked as a tutor and teacher before the reverend died in 1817.

    In 1843, her son Orus traveled to Oregon first, then returned two years later to fetch his mother and siblings and bring them to what was then called the Oregon Territory. Tabitha had lost many of her possessions on the rugged trek there, but made her way by doing odd jobs.

    It soon became apparent that an orphanage was needed in the little town, both to watch over youngsters who lost their parents to the rigors of the Oregon Trail, and children whose families abandoned them to seek their fortunes in California during the Gold Rush. Tabitha became acquainted with Forest Grove missionaries Harvey and Emeline Clark, and shared her dream of providing a home for the orphans.

    The Clarks donated land for the orphanage, and Tabitha gathered supplies with the help of the Rev. George Atkinson to care for the children. Initially called the Oregon Orphan Asylum, the facility grew to include an Indian training school and eventually the Tualatin Academy, a secondary school to educate local children. Tabitha was housemother to the young people and a fierce advocate for the school, which received its charter in 1849 from the Oregon territorial government.

    Five years later, college-level classes were added so that more teachers could be trained, which was the start of Pacific University. Eventually the Tualatin Academy portion closed and the university went on. Some of that history can still be seen in present-day Forest Grove at the Old College Hall, home of the original academy, built in 1850.

    Today, Pacific University is recognized as one of the best small private colleges in the United States, serving more than 3,600 students on its campuses in Forest Grove, Hillsboro, Woodburn and Eugene, as well as operating health care clinics in Portland.

    Tabitha Brown didn’t let adversity stand in her way, and believed in education for all. Tutoring can also help students achieve their goals, and Forest Grove tutors can help make sure of success in all subjects from elementary through college years.

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