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    Serving Cornelius & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    Looking for a great Cornelius Tutor? From elementary all the way up to college and graduate school, our experienced team at Grade Potential ensures that you’ll receive the highest quality tutoring on your way to achieving your goals, all at an affordable price! We've worked with thousands of local students, so we know what it takes to be successful around here.

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    About Cornelius

    A partnership between railroad tycoon Ben Holladay and Colonel Thomas Cornelius brought the Oregon and California Railroad to what was then called Free Orchards in the middle of the Tualatin Valley in 1872. Cornelius subsequently built a house, warehouse and general store near the railroad and began shipping goods all over the state. His promotion of business and farming in the area prompted the town to change its name to Cornelius in his honor in 1893. Another prominent man, Albert S. Sholes, moved to nearby Hillsboro in 1903, establishing the Hillsboro Commercial Bank. A few years later he bought into the Cornelius State Bank, became the city’s mayor and built a house on Alpine Street. His new home, later known as Redwine House after a future owner, was bungalow style with 18 rooms on two and half stories. The house still stands and is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

    An agricultural paradise since the early 1800’s when farmers began working the firm, rich soil that had been carried down from the hills and mountains for several thousands of years, the Tualatin Valley has, in recent years, become a destination for those seeking fine wine. Not surprisingly, the travel website TripAdvisor lists three vineyards as among the best places to visit in Cornelius. Ardiri Winery boasts that its vineyards originate from the same vines found in Burgundy, France and the resulting wine has been around since the days of Julius Caesar. A Blooming Hill Vineyard not only produces several vintages of award winning wines but it also hosts special events in conjunction with local artists, musicians and food vendors. Dion Vineyard grows grapes for wineries throughout Oregon, specializing in Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay.

    A Cornelius tutor will keep you ahead of the academic curve so you can enjoy the activities and attractions in the Tualatin Valley and greater Portland area. For physical fitness enthusiasts, the Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway travels a few miles west of Cornelius through Forest Grove and offers over 50 miles of picturesque scenery including views of the Tualatin River, Coast Range, rolling hills, vineyards, quaint downtown shops and farms. Cornelius is also home to several community parks which have a wide variety of features such as wetlands, playgrounds, athletic fields and picnic areas. These parks help give Cornelius its nickname as “Oregon’s Family Town.”

    Nature lovers will want to visit the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve to the southeast of Cornelius in nearby Hillsboro. The preserve offers views of birds, wildlife and native plants. Originally used by Native Americans for hunting and gathering the wetlands underwent several decades of destructive farming techniques until conservationists in the 1970’s returned the land to its natural beauty by constructing ponds to attract native wildlife. Today the wetlands feature 150 species of birds and an increasing number of mammals such as bobcat, beaver, deer and elk.

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    Grade Potential Tutoring is proud to provide Cornelius students with the opportunity to win a semi-annual college scholarship of $1,000! We are proud to assist students with their investment in education. Many local families trust us with their educational investment on a regular basis, so we feel great about giving back in a similar way! Click below to learn more about our scholarship program and how to apply.Learn How To Apply

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