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    Serving Perris & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Perris

    Perris is home to the "Perris Auto Speedway" and the "Perris Raceway Motocross" tracks. The PAS (Perris Auto Speedway) is located on the Lake Perris Fairgrounds, home of October’s Southern California Fair) and they host major events including “USAC/CRA Sprint Cars”, “Street Stocks”, and “Dirt Modifieds” events. The PAS is a state-of-the-art clay oval race track, it has a raised back straightaway for easy viewing of the cars over the full-size trailers. It was opened on March 30th 1996. Before, the land was used for the "Lake Perris Speedway" mainly for motorcycle racing.

    These events are incredibly popular in Perris. Perris tutors see thousands of fans coming from across the country to take part and spectate at the events. The sound system features over 60,000 watts of power designed to really immerse the crowds in the fast paced action on the tracks, and to keep the crowds as revved up as the cars. They invested in more comfortable grandstand seating, which is assigned to visitors to avoid over crowding. There are also seat backs in place for additional comfort in the top rows.

    In late October/ early November the prestigious "Budweiser Oval Nationals" take place, it is one of the most popular events held. The "Oval Nationals" is one of the premier sprint races in the U.S. The event lasts over three nights and showcases the USAC/CRA and National 410 Series. This is considered a must see event for racing fans and visitors get to witness some of the best talent in the country. This heavily sponsored event has some of the largest purses, so it becomes a battle for skill, technique, cash and of course bragging rights.

    Perris tutors encourage students to visit during one of the free for local residents days that they hold to experience some of the different events that are showcased at the PAS. One of the more unusual but addictive spectator events that many families enjoy is the “Night of Destruction”. As the name would suggest this night includes lots of cars being crashed. They hold this event regularly throughout the season as it draws in non-traditional racing fans, and provides an opportunity for some drivers and spectators alike to let off some steam.

    When the PAS opened it also reignited a race that had been thought forgotten due to the closing of Ascot Park in 1990. The “Salute to Indy” was a Southern California staple for sprint cars going back as far as 1948 when the first race was won by Dempsey Wilson. Now the race has been reincarnated and takes place annually much to the pleasure of Perris tutors who love this historical race.

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