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    Serving Beaumont & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Beaumont

    Numerous businesses began to pop up along the main intersections of Beaumont’s streets at the turn of the twentieth century when Beaumont’s population was starting to grow.

    Many shops provided multiple purposes rather than specializing in just one field. “The Beaumont Milling Company,” provided wood and coal commodities as well as hay, grain and feed. “The Beaumont Variety Store” on Sixth Street, sold as the name suggests a variety of products and the “King Drugs” store was best known by local students for it’s soda fountain service.

    A popular attraction in Beaumont for many years was “The Nettie and Alice Museum of Hobbies”. Beaumont tutors used this Museum regularly as the location for school outings, and it was a popular attraction for residents and tourists to the area. Admission cost 35 cents for Adults and 15 cents for children between the ages of 6 and 12. It was located on the main route through the town accessible via Highways 60,70 and 99. It has been said by Beaumont tutors that the museum housed the largest collection of dolls in the world. Nowadays, private collectors stretching across the world house the five thousand plus dolls that once resided in this extraordinary little museum.

    The Rusty Lantern restaurant was a very popular eatery and considered one of Beaumont’s best dining places. It became a regular pit stop for Hollywood celebrities passing through Beaumont on route to Palm Springs.

    The cold storage house came into fruition after the introduction of fruit orchards in Beaumont. It became a relatively big industry for the city and quite lucrative. As the population of the town grew so too did the numbers of acres of fruit orchards in the area. Naturally the fruit was sold locally, but soon much of it began to be exported necessitating the cold storage facility and packing house in the city.

    Francis Dowling who had a 61-acre ranch in Beaumont established “Dowling’s Fruit Stand,” Beaumont tutors note that his grandparents moved to “Cherry Valley” in 1908 and planted the very first cherries there. Francis was born in “Cherry Valley” in 1925 and moved to Beaumont in 1951 where he opened his store that featured proudly the best quality cherries.

    Dairy farming was also a big source of income into the community the “Armstrong Certified Dairy” provided delivery of milk to the doorstep of homes in Beaumont long before the days of picking up milk from the local supermarket.

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