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    Serving Fontana & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Fontana

    Fontana California is a town located in the Southern part of the state that boasts a variety of parks as well as art museums. On any given day after a lesson with your Fontana tutor, odd are you can go find something interesting to do. One of the biggest attraction in the area is Auto Club Speedway, home to some of the most famous races around including Xfinity, Indycar Series, and the Nascar Sprint Cup Series. Nascar is a well-known name in the sport of auto racing, but did you know Nascar has its origins in bootlegging?

    That’s right, Nascar originally got its start in the time of bootleggers. These law breakers would soup up their cars in order to escape the law as well as get in and out of their drop off spots quickly. It soon became a sort of competition among them, and they began racing each other, bragging about who was the quickest, or had the best vehicle.

    Eventually someone had the idea to create a rudimentary track somewhere in a field, and bootleggers would show up from all around to race each other and get the title of being the best. The race wasn’t just open to bootleggers, but anyone who wanted to participate. That being said, you’d be hard pressed in those early days to find someone who was at least associated with them in some roundabout way.

    One of the first Hall of Famer’s for Nascar was Junior Johnson, who was a well-known bootlegger back in the day. He was one of those men racing on the dirt tracks, and when the sport became more organized he stated he knew he had an advantage over the racers’ who were still learning the sport. He had been driving like that for years in order to evade the law, performing techniques and driving styles many of his competitors were still learning. While some speedways began banning moonshiners, the founder of Nascar allowed them at his speedway, which is actually what the people wanted. So many wanted to see these famous racers, most all of them involved in bootlegging. This allowance in the sport of Nascar is very much so what gave it the edge that made it into what it is today.

    For a long time Nascar didn’t embrace it’s colorful history, but today accepts its roots, and there is even a reunion where former moonshiners along with the federal agents that used to chase them get together for old times’ sake. Imagine going to a get together like that!

    Now you know something that perhaps your Fontana tutor might not even know!

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