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    Serving Moreno Valley & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Moreno Valley

    Are you a science buff? Are your favorite days the days you get to meet with your Moreno Valley science tutor? Well you’re in luck, Moreno Valley California is home to the Western Science Center, a must-see place for any science lover!

    The Western Science Center is home to permanent as well as temporary exhibits. One of their most infamous exhibits showcases almost 1 million different artifacts and specimens, collected from Diamond Valley. Here you can see mastodon remains that have set records for size, Columbian mammoths, and other large creatures that roamed the earth during the time of the Ice Age. You can also see artifacts used by the Luiseno and Cahuilla peoples, who lived during the times of the Ice Age as well.

    Other exhibits you can view include the Harley Garbani Dinosaur Hunter Exhibit. Here you can see a recreation of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, complete with a replica skull as well as other authentic and replicated bones to complete the skeleton. Harley Garbani is a famous archeologist, discovering his first fossil at the young age of eight. In the 1960’s he discovered one of the largest skeletons of a Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found, and also uncovered on the first remains of a juvenile triceratops, before then only adults had been uncovered.

    You can also walk through the Life on Earth Timeline, a 156-foot open corridor that takes you through the geographical time periods, beginning with the Pre-Cambrian era. The distance between each time period correlates with how long the time period lasted.

    From there you can see Postcards from the Past, including a recreation of an 1880’s house in the Diamond Valley. You can also view artifacts used by the Native Americans. If simply viewing artifacts isn’t enough for you, why not experience the Circular Theater, a 270-degree theater with floor to ceiling screens that will put you right in the middle of migrating beasts and historical time periods.

    Finally, you can visit the discovery lab, an exhibit dedicated to how these great pieces of history were discovered and the process it took to uncover them. You’ll be able to see the tools used, and learn about the people whose passion and dedication made these exhibits possible. A great place to visit after a lesson with your Moreno Valley tutor, don’t look past this awesome and inspiring exhibit on the next day that you find yourself with some extra time on your hands!

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