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    Serving Fairborn & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Fairborn

    Fairborn, Ohio is the only city in the world with that name. The name Fairborn came about when Fairfield and Osborn, two smaller villages came together to become one city. The two villages decided to merge because of the Great Dayton Flood of 1913. Many Osborn residents were forced to move out of a floodplain that ran next to Fairfield. Together, the two communities were able to rebuild and thrive.

    Fairborn is not only interesting because it has a unique name; it is also interesting because it comes from two cities that have their own individual origin stories. The village of Fairfield was actually named because of a proclamation made by a Native American Chief. During Fairfield’s early settlement, there was a great deal of trouble between settlers and Native Americans. Every once in awhile, a settler’s child would disappear; kidnapped by local tribes. Every time a child was taken, the settlers would raid a nearby village and kidnap a Native American child in retaliation. This terrible cycle went on for many years; until the eleven year old son of William Cozad was kidnapped. Finally, the settlers and Native Americans decided to declare a truce. The two groups met to return Cozad’s son; but by this time, the boy was fifteen years old, and the Native people had grown very fond of him. Because of this, the Chief wanted to see where he was going to live. Cozad took his son and the Chief to the top of Reed’s hill and showed him the settlement. The Chief then looked down and said, “Yonder lies fair eld. Me see thousand white men moving about in that beautiful fair eld.” Cozad viewed the Chief's words as a prophecy and decided that it meant that it would one day be a thriving city.

    Osborn was more traditionally named, after the local railroad superintendent. But, Osborn was a thriving new village almost immediately. Settlers established Osborn after the Native Americans were almost completely out of the area; and were able to build quickly. Within the first twenty-five years, Osborn had two dry good stores, grocery stores, a bakery, two hardware stores, two drug stores, one barber shop, a fruit store, a hotel, two blacksmith shops, two wagon shops, one express office, a paint shop, a grist mill, one commision grain dealer, a lumber yard, four churches, one grade school with four departments, one select school, one justice, two physicians, two lodges, and five saloons. Osborn could have tutored other settlements in how to establish a fully operating community.

    As the two villages became one, they brought their rich histories, stories of survival and success, and optimistic spirits, to build a city that could overcome the challenge they were facing. Fairborn is now its own unified thriving community, ready for whatever is next.

    Fairborn tutors want to see all students do well in school. If your child is struggling in school, a Fairborn tutor could be just what you need. Every student deserves the chance to succeed.

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