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    Serving Beavercreek & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Beavercreek

    Beavercreek, Ohio is home to Wartinger Historical Park. Within the Park, there are several historic log buildings, a historic barn, an herb garden, and the Marie Wartinger Memorial Garden. The park is operated by the Beavercreek Historical Society and Flower Trail Garden Club. The Wartinger Historical Park was named after John Wartinger; a Beavercreek native, who spent years serving the local community. He was especially known for being the Kettering City Safety Director, and creating the Safety Patrol Program for the Kettering School System; and being a teacher at Prasse Elementary School. Unfortunately, in 1975, Wartinger passed away of a heart attack. When it came time to name the park, the Greene County Commissioners asked that it be called the John H. Wartinger Park.

    One of the log homes within the park is the Philip Harshman House. The Philip Harshman house was built between 1803 and 1807. For many years, the owners of the historic building had no idea it existed. The log home was found after the house was condemned. When the siding of the house was removed; workers found the historic log home underneath.

    Another building moved to the Wartinger Historic Park was the Jarusiewic Cabin; that was built around 1805. The cabin was donated to Wartinger Historical Park; but after a insect infestation, the house had to be torn apart and only the fireplace survived. In honor of the original Jarusiewic Cabin, a replica was built to stand it is palce.

    The Samuel Ankeney House was built around 1829. Samuel Ankeney bought the house just a few years after it was built. He and his family had just moved to Ohio, when his father passed away. As the oldest of ten children, Samuel was left to find a home for his mother and siblings. He even built on a kitchen for his mother to cook in.

    The John Nicodemus Cabin is another building that was discovered inside of a house. The Board of Health issued a Close Order on a worn down rental property. When the weather stripping on the property was being removed; an old log cabin was found underneath. After a bit of research, it was found that it was built by John Nicodemus in 1911.

    The final historic building that was relocated to Wartinger Historical Park is the Peter Tobias-Zimmer Barn. The barn was built by Peter Tobias in 1858, and later owned by the Zimmer Family. The barn had many uses over the years; among other things, it was used for threshing, and storing grain.

    Visitors go to the park to admire the old buildings and their impressive architecture. They can also enjoy a scenic walk through the gardens. The Beavercreek Historic Society and Flower Trail Garden Club could tutor others is the importance of preserving local history.

    Beavercreek tutors want all students to do well in school. If your student is struggling in school, a Beavercreek tutor might be just what you need. Every student deserves the chance to succeed.

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